Church Staff: Having a lazy church staff is YOUR fault!

If you think your church staff is lazy… then let us suggest that it is YOUR fault they are lazy.  Either you hired the wrong people, or your expectations have not been clearly spelled out.

Here’s just one tip:  So maybe you’re not calling them to their face, but you’re certainly treating them that way.  Ever heard the phrase “self fulfilling prophecy”?  When you label an employee in such a manner it almost becomes reality.  Despite their best intention a “lazy employee” ends up being just that – lazy.  Refrain from the labeling, change your mindset, give them the opportunity to surprise you.

Matt Steen and I discuss lazy church staff members, and the bosses that enable them in this short video clip:

church staff

CLICK IMAGE TO WATCH Having a Lazy Church Staff is Your Fault

(Length:  4 min 36 sec)
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