Church Hires Sex Offender as Senior Pastor

Can a sex offender be the senior pastor of a local church? One church in Texas has just hired Claude Gilliland III to be their new pastor… the problem is… Gilliland is a registered sex offender. When the local newspaper started printing the names and pictures of local sex offenders, imagine the surprise when his picture was listed.

Matt Steen and I talk about their thoughts on this story… how much grace should be offered… etc.

sex offender

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  • Chad W January 12, 2013 Reply

    After reading the comments left on the YouTube page and reading the news articles, I question how many people took the time to read the news reports and learn the background of this story. When we hear the words “sex offender,” people often assume it refers to the molestation of a child. This is not true of course. This pastor has been put on the sex offender registry because he was found guilty of a sexual assault on his wife. Sexually assaulting his wife does not mean he will sexually assault a child, as was suggested by someone in the church where he serves. No sexual assault is justifiable. However, being labeled a sexual offender does not mean someone is child molester. An 18-year-old can be put on the sex offenders list for having sexual contact with a 16-year-old. While this is in no way justifiable, it doesn’t automatically mean the 18-year-old is an evil sexual deviant. When it comes to the label “sexual offender,” I believe we need to evaluate the circumstances of the situation to draw the proper conclusion and how to handle things.

  • Rev. Rodney Clark January 15, 2013 Reply

    Where sexual behavior is concerned Holy Scripture is clear. What is not so clear is our culture’s view on sexuality.

    When the mainstream media started creating programs like the adulterous “Housewives of Atlanta, Orange County, Les Vegas and New York; followed by series such as “The Good Wife”; “16 and Pregnant” it did our nation a great disservice, and it has created a monumental conundrum for the courts.

    Why it is even called the “Good Wife” makes no sense. It make no is because it promotes every deviant sexual behavior imaginable. What is does not do is support God’s understanding of the “Good Wife.” The values being portrayed in the mainstream media today has done our nation and culture a great disservice. Cultural icons, like the “Good Wife”, “Lady Gaga” “The Housewives of Orange County”, “16 and Pregnant” have caused confusion in our children’s understanding of sexuality; the kind of confusion which has led to other high risk and very destructive behaviors.

    That the Church should decry the evils of deviant sexual behavior there is no doubt. However, unlike the courts the Church has an adequate foundation upon which to make claims to truth. The Church’s understanding of truth and Her understanding of relationships is rooted in the relationship which existed before creation of time and space, that is, the relationship which has always existed within the Holy Trinity. Even before the creation of the cosmos; God the Son was in submission to God the Father; God the Holy Spirit was in submission to the God the Father and God the Son. It is this pattern which has defined families in every culture in every nation throughout the history of the world.. Holy Scripture reveals in great detail God’s understanding of right and holy relationships, including sexual relationships. These relationships have been reaffirmed in Natural Law and in creation itself, that is, general revelation. And, because the Church has historically had a moral foundation upon which to make a reasonable value statement in regard to sexual behavior, people listened.

    But, today there is widespread disorder in the social order because the authority of God, Holy Scripture and the Church has shifted and society has been radically altered by the Secular Humanist Movement. The problem, however, is that this new foundation has proven to be inadequate. And, so while various legislative bodies have passed many laws governing various sexual behaviors; for the most part they have been ignored and therefore we must ask the question: Why?

    When the Secular Humanist Movement destroyed the Church it also destroyed the foundation upon which the republic rested. Today, we lack an adequate foundation upon which to make laws, including laws governing sexual behaviors. How is any rational and reasonable person to take seriously the laws of the land and the rulings of our nation’s courts when those same bodies have rejected the authority of God, Holy Scripture and the Church?

    The irony of the situation within our nation is this; the very authority which once legitimized our laws and the authority of our courts have been destroyed. Once the courts embraced a worldview that was void of any moral foundation other than the likes and dislikes of each individual; the courts robbed themselves of an adequate foundation for making any claims to truth. The people whom the courts now label as “Deviant” appears to any reasonable person to be arbitrary and capricious. This because once the courts embraced the ideas embodied in the ideas of Pluralism that is, the belief that all claims to truth are equal and therefore any exclusive claims to truth should be viewed as imperialistic and divisive and therefore should not be tolerated; by embracing these ideas the courts created for itself a logical inconsistency. Because the Modern Humanist movements in Europe and America in all of its various colors, Rationalism, Pluralism, Scientific Materialism, etc successfully destroyed the authority of the Church, Holy Scripture and God Himself and replaced it with an inadequate foundation all we really did was assure that there would be widespread disorder in the social order.. The nation’s courts now have found themselves without an adequate foundation upon which to make any reasonable claim to truth, including making a judgment upon what is or isn’t deviant sexual behavior.

    Do you remember the old saying: “You can’t have your cake and eat it too”?

    Well that is the conundrum faced by our nation’s law makers, the courts, culture and the Church.

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