Church: Please stop wearing your rhinestone jeans…

A church in Moville, Iowa has a problem, as reported in the Sioux City Journal:

As worship services have become increasingly more relaxed and informal, the dress of some participants has had churchgoers complaining that casual dress has gone too far, that mini-skirts and dirty jeans have no place in God’s house. But until recently, the latest fashion hasn’t physically damaged the church.

That has changed with the advent of rhinestone jeans.

In last Sunday’s church bulletin at Immaculate Conception Catholic Church in Moville, Iowa, the following announcement appeared: “HELP SAVE OUR PEWS: The latest jean fashion of rhinestone/bling stones on the pockets act like rough sandpaper and razors on the pews. Please refrain from wearing these as our pews have already received damage from these stones.”

“It’s just a recent problem that we’re seeing,” said Alicia Jenness, administrative assistant for the West Fork Catholic Community which encompasses Immaculate Conception in Moville and St. Michael Church in Kingsley, Iowa. “At the Kingsley church, there’s a lot of gashes and stuff like that from people sitting on them with the rhinestone jeans. And at the church here in Moville, we’ve got cloth (seats) and some of the cloth is starting to snag because it’s like a razor cutting the thin material.That’s causing us some issues.”

Jenness said repairs will have to be made at both churches. The wooden pews at Kingsley will have to be sanded, revarnished and polished. “And the pews here, I don’t even know what it’s going to cost because we have to see about the material and see if it can be fixed just by sewing it or if it has to be completely replaced,” she said.

Good heavens.

Guess I’ll have to retire the old ‘bedazzler’.


HT:  Patheos and Matt Steen


  • JB November 9, 2012 Reply

    So, rhinestone cowboys are going to have to find another church? Wow, who would have thought.

  • Rev. K.A. Christian November 12, 2012 Reply

    It looks like somebody actually cares about the upkeep of the building. Many may claim this church is going to far attacking what kind of clothing one can wear, but i say thank you. When there’s little to no concern about the wear and tear of the building then the building goes to trash, as a result many will complain senior how messed up the church is. Everybody must do their part in keeping the building nice.

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