Church members suing pastor over finances

Sad.  A church in California is suing the pastor for financial impropriety.

Another great example of why, as a pastor or church leader, you should be FAR FAR away from any money.

And why financial transparency is of key importance.


  • Bob Barnes December 13, 2012 Reply

    I had an especially hard time convincing the congregation that I (as Pastor) should not be the Treasurer at the same time. They assured me that they trusted me, but that was not the point. Finally, others assumed the duties of Treasurer.

  • paulwnewell December 13, 2012 Reply

    I think the “claims” of the few who “want to come back” might just be another example of “disgruntleds” not wanting to see the church move forward? Could this be an example of a dying church wishing to “cash out” and replant itself? I’ve seen this scenario more than once. When I read the pastor’s statement that included the word “deacons” (as in it’s apparently more than just the Pastor involved with this) it changed the whole tone of the article. Maybe the issue is no-longer-members want transparency when it’s not called for? Why would any church allow former members access to the church’s books?

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