Why Your Church Hasn't Grown to Over 200 People (Yet)

Carey Nieuwhof (one of our NINES speakers this year) has a very simple idea as to why many churches never grow to be over 200 people.

Carey starts off by saying there is nothing wrong with being a church of 200.  Nothing at all.

But most leaders of churches under 200 actually WANT their church to grow.

(I don’t know of any pastor I’ve ever met that would say they didn’t).

In fact, most small churches (and their leaders) have the desire, love, facility, and prayer to grow.

Yet they don’t.


Carey suggests a simple answer:

They organize, behave, lead and manage like a small organization.

Here are 8 ways this is true:

1.  The pastor is the primary caregiver

2. The leaders lack a strategy

3.  True leaders aren’t leading

4. Volunteers are unempowered

5. The governance team micromanages

6. Too many meetings

7. Too many events and programs that lead nowhere

8.  The pastor suffers from a desire to please everybody.

Read more here.

OK… we have a ton of small church pastors that are reading this.  What do YOU think?

If you’re pastoring a church of under 200 people, please leave a comment answering these quick questions: (leave a comment below)

1.  Do you desire for your church to grow?

2.  What do you think of Carey’s eight suggestions?  Are they true in your small church?

3.  What have you done to help spur growth?





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