Church builds giant cross to help with the culture war…

Culture is going to hell in a hand basket.

How in the world will we win the culture war?

New Life Assembly of God in Janesville, WI has an idea.

A cross.

A really big cross.

According to their pastor: “If the enemies of the cross force a cross to be removed from the public park, then maybe a church should put up a 60 or 100 foot cross on their property… Maybe several churches should go together and erect a large cross on some agreed on-church site. This is not a war that we sought, but it is a war that the church can and will win.”

And that’s what they did… raising $100,000, and a 60-foot cross.

When asked why the church does not help the poor with the money (as commanded over 200 times in the Bible), Pastor Jackson compared the giant cross to Mary pouring expensive oil on the feet of Jesus.

Your thoughts?

Will this help the culture war, at all?


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