Church builds giant cross to help with the culture war…

Culture is going to hell in a hand basket.

How in the world will we win the culture war?

New Life Assembly of God in Janesville, WI has an idea.

A cross.

A really big cross.

According to their pastor: “If the enemies of the cross force a cross to be removed from the public park, then maybe a church should put up a 60 or 100 foot cross on their property… Maybe several churches should go together and erect a large cross on some agreed on-church site. This is not a war that we sought, but it is a war that the church can and will win.”

And that’s what they did… raising $100,000, and a 60-foot cross.

When asked why the church does not help the poor with the money (as commanded over 200 times in the Bible), Pastor Jackson compared the giant cross to Mary pouring expensive oil on the feet of Jesus.

Your thoughts?

Will this help the culture war, at all?


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  • Jesse May 20, 2013 Reply

    I struggle with whether displaying crosses is even something that God wants us to do. I mean, it was an instrument of torture and death. If a first century believer visited this church and saw this giant cross it would be like if we went somewhere that had a giant lethal injection needle, or iron maiden or guillotine on the front lawn. I wonder how many first century congregations had crosses at their meeting places. Did the Apostle Paul wear a cross necklace? Or did he carry the cross (figuratively) through all that he did and endured to bring the gospel to the world? I have a hard time equating what this church has done with Mary pouring expensive perfume on Jesus, especially as it seems to be a defensive action against “culture” rather than a freewill offering of love and thankfulness from a humble worshiper who wasn’t looking to get attention from what she did.

  • James May 20, 2013 Reply

    I’m with Jesse;
    My sadness is it seems the modern church is all about these blaring symbols, or attempting to make a “statment” that will “TELL” the world this is “IT”.
    My experience, and I realize it’s not everybody, or every locale in America, is that most people don’t give a rip. A lot of the effort is wasted on people who really don’t the church as a viable, relevent, force in America.
    My brother and I were raised on the front pew of the church. Our grandfather was a founding father and ciruit preacher, but today some of his kids and mine don’t see the church as important. They see the church as out of touch, clickish, small-minded, prejudiced and stuck in a narrow mind set.
    Personally I would rather see that $100,000 going to meet the needs of those in that Pastor’s congregation. The old song, “They’ll know we are Christians by our love,” is a nice slogan or words but the reality is far from the practice of most churches.
    Our mind set is to fight a war, not love a culture who needs unconditional love.
    There is a war alright, and it was won 2,000 years ago by Jesus. Instead of walking in anger, revenge and words of judgment, how about helping people turn their anger to greatfulness, praise, love, forgiveness, generousity, tolerance. Alas, its so much easier to characterize your enemy as “them” or “those” folks, than to see our enemey as “US”.
    My words are easy, but oh so difficult and challenging to practice. That’s why scripture calls to be “transformed”. If I conform to the worlds tactics of fighting, getting even, erecting 60 ft crosses to show those “sinners” who’s boss, then haven’t I become the very thing I’m supposed to be fighting against. If the tactics are the same, isn’t the them, now us???
    Whatever we’re doing, it ain’t working. It’s time to change our hearts and minds. That’s what I think Jesus came to do. To change “us” first, so the “them” is “us” all the time.
    Blessed journey with Christ, is sometimes lonely, but you’re never alone, nor without love.

  • davepatchin May 20, 2013 Reply

    The only way to win the “culture war” is not to fight it.

  • James May 20, 2013 Reply

    Don’t fight it, and love it as Jesus demonstrated.

  • John Ericson May 20, 2013 Reply

    The church is losing all credibility in the culture and so the church responds by fighting a war against the culture. That’s brilliant.

    • James May 21, 2013 Reply

      Good comment John! Spot on! What’s next, granades in bibles, fireworks with repent sinners written in the sky?
      Enough said.

  • Randy May 20, 2013 Reply

    Great job New Life! Go God!

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