Charting your actual productivity

Does your productivity run in spurts?

Mine does.

And it’s not always at the time I want it to be.

This graphic pretty much sums it up:



I’m a night owl… and some of my best work comes when I’m ready for bed.

That’s frustrating.

I’m slowly learning to be more productive early in the day… in fact… sometimes I can fit what seems to be a full day of work into the first couple hours of the day… when it’s quiet, and when I’m fresh.

What’s your productivity graph look like?

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  • James May 9, 2013 Reply

    Good question Todd;
    Having been a high task oriented person my whole like, in my older years I find productivity in spurts and at times mustered up through last minute demands.
    However, being an “artsey” person inspiration was always my best motiviation and it was constant and steady through almost 50 years of life.
    LIke I said, now in my later years productivity is inspired but less often and with less energy. Age has a lot to do with it, as well as good health, exercise, eating habits etc. So take care of yourself health wise cause it’s a drag when the body doesn’t want to play anymore.


  • Mitch May 10, 2013 Reply

    My peak time is early morning. I don’t set an alarm and usually wake at 3 AM. I sit in my recliner with my laptop for about 2 hours and get pretty much a whole day’s work done. My brain is so efficient then and there are no interruptions. I usually go back to bed from 5 – 7:30.

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