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Pray for Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale

My heart hurts whenever I hear stories like this. (And it seems to be quite often). Many of you have probably heard about Pastor Bob Coy’s resignation from Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale within the past week for ‘moral failures’. Bob Coy was the founding pastor of CCFL.  It’s a huge church (20,000+ attendees, 10 campuses).  His impact has been huge in the Calvary Chapel movement, in Fort Lauderdale, and really all over the country through his radio and TV ministry. I always hate to hear stories of moral failure.  This one, for me, hit a little more at home.  My oldest son...
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Is the Housing Allowance Going Away?

Last week a Wisconsin Federal District Court judge ruled that the pastoral housing allowance violates the establishment clause of the first amendment. This news can be quite upsetting for church leaders across the country as they try to figure out how to fairly compensate their pastors, and for pastors who need to rethink their monthly budgets now that a major tax benefit has been ruled unconstitutional. Yesterday morning, Matt Steen and I had a conversation with Mike Batts, managing partner of Batts Morrison Wales & Lee. Mike and his team work exclusively with churches and pastors, and have...
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Christian salesmanship, hucksters, and being duped into buying

OK… time for a little Todd-vent. In the past two days, I’ve received a few separate emails from people selling stuff to pastors and church leaders. And it about makes me want to hurl. Literally. For a couple reasons. #1 – Their claims to church leaders are, at least to me, unbelievable. #2 – The approach comes across, at least to me, as product-driven, money-grabbing hype. I don’t want to be ‘that guy’. Fact is… my friend Matt and I have been telling you about our new Ministry Briefing for the past few months.  And, of course, I’d like every...
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How much money does your church keep in reserves?

Christianity Today recently asked more than 1800 church leaders how much cash reserves they keep on hand.  Here are the results:   How does your church match up? Read more here… Todd
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What’s the real sin here?

Nigerian pastor Chris Oyakhilome has painted himself in a bit of a corner recently when he said that he thought that masturbation was not a sin. He was forced to respond to the controversy on one of his recent TV shows. Nigerian evangelists have LOTS of influence. See if you can follow his rationale here. How would you respond to the question:  Is masturbation a sin? Here’s how Perry responded a few years ago. (You’re welcome, Perry, for bringing this up again). How would you...
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Sin is sin.

Daphne Daly writes: The fact is that yes – the Bible does say that it is wrong for two people of the same sex to be together. However, it also says that it’s wrong to take the Lord’s name in vain. The Bible is very clear on what is sin is and what sin isn’t. It is also clear that there are no levels of sin. If someone commits murder, engages in sex outside of marriage or even lashes out in anger – it is all the same. Sin is sin. The Bible clearly states that Jesus died on the cross and rose from the dead for our sin. He asks for very little in return. He has asked us to be...
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Take the Lid Off Your Church…

My friends William Vanderbloemen and Tony Morgan are planning a special one-day event on how to develop healthy leadership teams at your church.  Here’s the scoop: One of the questions both Tony and William are often asked by churches is, “What are other churches out there doing?” Bring your church staff to this one-day gathering where Tony and William will coach you through best practices of effective church leaders across the country. We’ll be discussing leadership development topics including: Health: Where are we healthy, and where can we improve? Strategy: How will we...
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Church donates $100,000 to another church after fire

Hats off to Community Bible Church in San Antonio for donating $100,000 to Childress Memorial Church of God to help  replace their building after a devastating fire last week. Actually, the church has been the scene of six fires over the past two months.  All are suspicious in nature. Here’s how it went down, according to a news report: After seeing reports of the fire that destroyed the Childress Memorial Church of God in Christ Saturday, Pastor Robert Emmitt of the Community Bible Church knew he had to help. “I came into church and one of my pastors…said, ‘What’s going on?’ I...
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Church First Impressions and a roll of toilet paper

It’s the little things that make a difference and grow customer loyalty.  That goes for business and for the church.  Church first impressions make a huge difference with new people walking through the doors of your church. Is your church going out of it’s way to give a great experience? Matt Steen and I discuss and example of how a great business (Southwest Airlines) went out of their way to give one of their customers this kind of experience: CLICK IMAGE TO WATCH Church First Impressions and a roll of toilet paper (Length: 6 min 31 sec) Subscribe to MinistryBriefing on YouTube What do YOU...
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Snapchat and Teenagers

Adam McLane writes: A lot of youth workers have been asking me about Snapchat, a mobile picture sharing service that is popular amongst some segments of teenagers. I know there are some innocent uses out there. I’ve even heard from youth ministry folks who use it to connect with their students and crowd-source ideas. But I also know of some horror stories. Stories of regret and exposure to things their eyes didn’t want to see. Matt Steen and I discuss on this edition of MinistryBriefing. CLICK IMAGE TO WATCH Snapchat and Teenagers (Length:  7 min 00 sec) Subscribe to MinistryBriefing on...
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