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Multisite Church Trends for 2014 from Jim Tomberlin

Multisite church trends have changed from year to year… but the momentum and sustainability of the multisite revolution will continue well into 2014.  Jim Tomberlin knows as well as anyone what is happening in multisite these days. Here’s what he thinks we’ll see more of in 2014 in Multisite Church Trends: Megachurches becoming giga-churches. Megachurches are getting bigger because they are no longer limited to one location. Owning multisite locations. Up to now the overwhelming majority of multisite campuses are in rented facilities. Because the multisite model has now moved...
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New Series: Church Rescue

A new show offers to help church ‘reestablish themselves in the marketplace, not so they can turn themselves into profitable enterprises, but so they can continue spreading the good word to their followers.’ Yes… that’s a new show on the National Geographic channel. Here’s the press release.  Question:  will you be watching? Religious institutions are the foundation of many communities across America. The United States is home to more than 300,000 religious congregations, and nearly four out of five Americans identify themselves with some type of religious belief. In...
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What every church leader should know about sexting

Yes… it’s important. Because it’s happening in your church. And probably not just with teenagers. First, a definition:  Sexting is using mobile technology to send a suggestive, nude or semi-nude text, picture or video of oneself to someone else. Why do you need to know about this? Well… because according to a recent study, about 48% of teens have received a sexually suggestive message.  And about 39% have sent one. I’m not sure what the stats are for adults, but I bet they’re probably not that much different in your community, at least in some circles. Here are...
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The five least sinful cities in America

5.  Chula Vista, CA 4.  Glendale, CA 3. Fremont, CA 2. Gilbert, AZ 1. New York City Wait. What? This article is worth the read. This was a study done by, a property listing website.  They did a study to try and gauge the behavior of cities in contrast to the Catholic Church’s Seven Deadly Sins.  They measured the virtues of charity, chastity, diligence, generosity, humility, kindness, and temperance. The seven most sinful cities?  Milwaukee, Pittsburg, Minneapolis, Orlando, and St. Louis. Read more...
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Americans don’t like the word ‘religious’ anymore

We’re no longer “religious.” We’re “holy.” We’re “faithful.” We’re “spiritual.” We talk about what “the gospel compels us to do” or “gospel living.” Or “sabbatical living” and “God-oriented behavior.”  That’s according to a new story in the Washington Post today: On one side of the spectrum are people such as prominent liberal scholar Diana Butler Bass, author of last year’s “Christianity After Religion,” who says the word “religion” is laden withnegative, hurtful and political baggage. The 20 percent of Americans who now call themselves...
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How much time should you spend on social media?

So… how much time SHOULD you devote to social media?  Maybe this will give you some insight… HT:...
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Pastor’s wives… can this be true?

Lisa Takeuchi Cullen writes a piece over the weekend at the Washington Post where she describes six things that she says she didn’t know about pastor’s wives. Some are pretty true… while others are a little more isolated, I think.  See what you think: 1.  Pastor’s wives don’t exactly love their husband’s work. I’ve seen this quite a bit.  She sites that long hours, horrible pay, and the stress.  I think this is spot on for many pastor’s wives.  They support the calling, but hate what the job does to their husbands. 2.  They are highly criticized....
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Culture Watch: Teen birth rates, Homosexuality, and Views on the Bible

As a church leader, it’s vitally important to keep up on what’s happening in our ever-changing culture.  Each month in Ministry Briefing, we highlight the cultural news items that you really need to know as a church leader.  Here is just a sampling from this month’s Briefing in the area of culture.  You can download and read the whole issue here. Teen Birth Rates Decline Dramatically The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have reported that between 2007 and 2011, teen birth rates dropped dramatically in America, with Hispanic girls falling an impressive 34%. Nearly every...
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35 church trends from the past month you need to know about as a church leader

Each month, Ministry Briefing finds that top trends that are happening in the church and ministry world.  In June’s edition, we tackle the top 35 trends we’re seeing.  We think these are trends that you need to know about… some of them will… either directly or indirectly… affect your ministry in the next months and years. I would encourage you to invest in keeping up with the trends.  Matt Steen and I have done the research and groundwork to help you do that with Ministry Briefing.  Here are the trends we’re watching this month: -Research Into Religion and...
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Will “MISSIONAL” be around in 20 years?

This quote stood out to me this morning: Many of us have grown up believing we must keep trying to “do church” better. It’s difficult for us to realize that our programs or performances, no matter how attractive, won’t interest a large part of our population. It’s easy for us to forget that the first church flourished and grew simply through intentional relationships, clear presentation of the facts about Jesus, and the witness of transformed lives. Today’s missional leaders are calling for all of us to employ that same strategy to reach unchurched people around us. I don’t know how...
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