How to Focus Your Ministry Time

How to Focus Your Ministry Time

Thom Rainer writes that pastors can waste a lot of time on social media, counseling that they aren’t qualified to do, and handling phone calls and meetings that can drain time and energy. He suggests minimizing meetings, handling conversations as they come up, focusing on meeting agendas, and cutting non-essential tasks or having a secretary administrative tasks. 

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3 Openly Gay Nominees for Bishops Considered in UMC

Although the United Methodist Church delayed a decision on gay clergy and same sex marriage at its general conference, there are many regional conferences that have adopted resolutions in opposition to the denomination’s book of discipline, which condemns practicing homosexuality. In addition, two jurisdictions will be considering 3 openly gay candidates for bishop, one of whom 

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Don’t Let a Fictional Church Wreck Your Ministry

Pastors who have incorrect expectations of their churches based on fictional, idealized churches in their minds can undermine their ministry. A fictional church may will leave you unprepared for the real problems that you’ll face, unable to address real questions, and unable to respond with grace to the challenges that you’ll face. Click here to 

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