Are Evangelicals America's Most Hated Group-

Are Evangelicals America’s Most Hated Group?

Among the rise of differing views and perspectives on every day topics such as marriage and politics, Evangelical Christians are feeling like persecuted outsiders. “There’s nobody hated more in this nation than Christians,” Said Pastor Richie Clendenen in his Sunday morning message, “Welcome to America’s most wanted: You.” Click here to get the full story. 

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Reasons for the Decline of the Southern Baptist Convention

Thomas S. Kidd and Barry Hankins, professors of history at Baylor University, write that the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) is in decline because its members have, for the most part, lost their commitment to evangelism. SBC parents have also struggled to retain their children, while allowing their doctrine to become diluted by a kind of American deism 

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Individualism Leads to Picking and Choosing Religion

While a recent study states that social media and technology in general can be blamed for the rise in picking and choosing one’s faith cafeteria style, John Vest writes that the individualism that became so prominent among Baby Boomers is to blame by drawing attention away from community and creeds and emphasizing personal religious choices, especially 

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Pastors Visit Prisons but Former Inmates Don’t Visit Their Churches

Half of Protestant pastors have not had a member of their congregation go to jail, so their involvement in prison ministry or restoring former inmates is largely aspirational according to LifeWay. Among pastors, 83% have visited a correctional facility. 31% of pastors report no former inmates attend their churches, and only 33% have three or 

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Can Hip Hop, Nikes, and SnapChat Improve Your Ministry?

Landon Pickering got involved in youth ministry through Grapevine Church in Texas, which is led by Ed Young. Pickering had helped spearhead significant group to the church’s youth ministry program, and soon became an in-demand consultant for churches throughout the state. Pickering uses Instagram, SnapChat, and Twitter, and he relates his messages through pop culture 

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