Doubter's club

Doubter’s Club Hosts Conversations with Christians and Atheists

Pastor Preston Ulmerson, 29, has launched a group called “Doubters Club” alongside atheist Trax Henderson. The two have started the group in Colorado in order to help Christians and atheists have conversations about current topics. The group started with 10 members and has grown to 60, with two locations. Click here to get the full 

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Tony Evans

Tony Evans: Black Lives Matter Is a Subset of All Lives Matter

The Rev. Tony Evans, the first black graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary, commented that all humans are created in God’s image, so it’s essential to address the issues, institutions, and injustices that impact others, such as the unborn and black people who are killed by police in higher percentages. Evans noted that everyone created in 

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Satire- Church Apologizes for Evangelizing

Satire: Church Apologizes for Evangelizing

In a new resolution titled “We’re Sorry We Ever Told You About Jesus,” All Faiths Episcopal Church officially apologized for its awful history of evangelizing, including telling others about right and wrong, and negatively impacting the community by teaching the Bible. Click here to get the full story. Want stories like this and more delivered to your 

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