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Baptist After School Program Meets Critical Need

Highland Baptist Church hosts 40 1st through 5th grade students from Dean Highland Elementary School in order to provide play time, tutoring, homework help, and a Bible story. The program is called “WiN” which stands for “Wisdom and iNstruction from the Lord” and provides critical care for students while their parents finish work. Click here 

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Declining and Growing Churches Differ in Theology

A study of growing conservative churches and declining mainline churches found that those who emphasized prayer, Bible reading, and more conservative theology were more likely to be growing. The survey included 2,200 churchgoers and found that 93% of pastors who growing churches affirmed the bodily resurrection of Jesus, while 56% of pastors of declining churches 

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NEW YORK, NY - DECEMBER 11:  A homeless man rests in a pew at a Times Square church where some area homeless take refuge from the cold on December 11, 2013 in New York City. New York and much of New England has been experiencing freezing temperatures with snow expected this weekend. According to a recent study by the by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development, New York City's homeless population increased by 13 percent at the beginning of this year. Despite an improving local economy, as of last January an estimated 64,060 homeless people were in shelters and on the street in New York. Only Los Angeles had a larger percentage increase than New York for large cities.  (Phot

Churches Open Their Doors to the Homeless in the Winter

There are over 550,000 homeless throughout America, and churches throughout cities such as Nashville and Little Rock are opening their doors in order to house the homeless in their classrooms and gyms. From single adults to families, churches are providing critically needed shelter. Click here to get the full story. Want stories like this and 

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Christian Universities Divided Over Election Results

Younger evangelicals have broken from the white evangelical majority who supported Trump by 81%, and that means evangelical colleges are seeking to reassure their students who feel betrayed by those who supported a candidate who is outspoken in his prejudice and sexism. At Wheaton College, 42% of students were likely to vote for Clinton, while 

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Baptist After School Program Meets Critical Need

Highland Baptist Church hosts 40 1st through 5th grade students from...

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