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Are you a ‘Frustrating Leader’?

Do you frustrate your team? Perhaps your the pastor of a large church, or supervise a large team.  Do your team members find you frustrating? Or maybe your the pastor of a smaller church.  How does your board find working with you?  Is the relationship frustrating to them? My friend Brian Dodd recently posted a list of the 10 characteristics of leaders who frustrate the heck out of people.  See if you fit any of the characteristics: The Most Frustrating Leaders Are Not Available The Most Frustrating Leaders Do Not Put In The Proper Amount Of Effort The Most Frustrating Leaders Have A Lack Of...
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Post Easter Blues. And why you can’t stop now.

Whew! Easter is over. For many dynamic churches, this meant extra services and quite possibly the highest attendance of the year. And now that it’s Monday morning, you’re probably exhausted. But you can’t stop now. You see, it’s pretty easy to get people to come to church on Sunday.  But I think your main goal is getting them to return the week after Easter. Many of the crowd you saw yesterday won’t be back. Ever.  And some won’t be back until Christmas. And most of us didn’t accept Christ the first time we heard the gospel. Which makes the week AFTER Easter...
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A Startling Wake Up Question for Every Church Leader: WHY ARE YOU HERE?

Michael Wolff is a designer and creative advisor for brands around the world. Warning:  This is not a ‘Christian Video’. But Michael asks a great question that every church leader should ask:  Why are you here? He contends that the ‘what’ and the ‘how’ aren’t nearly as important as the ‘why’. This is worth 20 minutes of your time… not because you’re agree with all of it and say ‘amen’… but because it will challenge and shape you: Thoughts? Todd Read more...
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Should the church be a country club or a hospital?

What do you think of this quote from Michael Trimmer? If anything, it seems like the church has done a really great job of making itself look like an exclusive club for the morally and spiritually immaculate, rather than a spiritual hospital for the walking wounded in which broken people struggle against sin on a daily basis. Should the church be more like a country club or more like a hospital? Read more here… What, if anything, is missing from this...
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Ministry Briefing for April 27: Westboro Founder Dies, Cohabitation, Driscoll, and 47 other stories you need to know!

The new edition of Ministry Briefing is just out, and you can get this weeks (and next week’s) editions absolutely free. Each week, Matt Steen and I search high and low for the top things that (we think) every church leader should be reading.  Then we write a short ‘just the facts’ paragraph; include a link to the full resource, and package it in a beautiful PDF (or MOBI or ePUB for your Kindle, iPad, or Tablet). Right now, you can try the next two issues (including this week’s) free.  And if you don’t like it, you can always cancel your subscription at any time. This...
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How to Strategically Hype Without Embarrassing Yourself

“The best thing about comedy is that no matter how bad your show is, it’s only 30 minutes, and never exists again. The worst thing is no matter how good your show is, it’s only 30 minutes, and never exists again.” ­ -Mick Napier Comedians have the luxury of coasting because people love to laugh and will seek out comedy. Churches cannot coast because people are looking for a reason to mentally check out and never return. If you blow it on Sunday with a person far from God, they will quickly become far from your church. In today’s world, it is still culturally­ assumed that...
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The urgency of your day. What happens after death?

You have the most urgent job in the world today.  In fact, we all do. Watch this short video shot in Columbia, MO, asking people what happens after they die… Thoughts? Todd
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Sam Chand on ‘skinny jeans and spiked hair’ & why your church’s culture needs to change

For the last twenty to thirty years church leaders have heard about the importance of vision. We have gone to conferences about vision, lectured on vision, and encouraged our congregations to buy into vision for years. While many times all a church needs is a clearer understanding of their vision, many times vision just isn’t enough. There is something missing: a healthy church culture. Let’s be brutally honest: an unhealthy church culture will eat your church’s vision for lunch. Enter Sam Chand. Sam’s book Cracking Your Church’s Culture Code goes after that piece that eludes us: church...
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What are you, nuts?

If you’re using the same communication methods, technology, music, delivery style, and format that you did five years ago… you’re nuts. In fact, if you’re not constantly changing the way you communicate the gospel to people in your community, you’re in big, big trouble. Here’s a case in point.  In 1984, kids were asked to explain computers on Sesame Street.  (Mind you… in 1984 I was a sophomore in college).  Here’s what they said: Fast forward 30 years.  Now watch this from 2014: In just 30 years, we’ve watched a generation totally evolve in...
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How to make yourself work when you just don’t want to

According to the Harvard Business Review (and they HAVE to be right because they’re WAY smarter than I’ll ever be) there are three main reasons why we procrastinate: 1.  We put things off because we’re afraid we’ll screw them up 2.  We put things off because we simply don’t feel like doing them 3.  We put things off because it’s hard, boring, or otherwise unpleasant. OK… that sounds about right.  But how to we break through our own procrastinational (is that a word?) tendencies? (I need this today… I have a to-do list with WAY too many items on…...
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