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Church PR nightmare: Mashed potatoes should have gone to homeless, not for your ‘food fight’

Uh-oh.  Sometimes you can’t win. Like when a church did a fall kick-off for their student ministries. Fun stuff!  A couple of the attractions for the youth 1.  A banana split slip n’ slide 2. A food fight with flour bombs, instant mashed potatoes, spaghetti noodles and eggs. Except for one thing. People could’ve eaten that food. Snap. Here’s the apology letter printed in the local paper: To the editor: Sunday evening, Aug. 25 started our fall kickoff for our students in grades 6-12 at Kish Valley Grace Brethren Church. There was giant Jenga, cornhole, kickball, banana split...
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No Ed… it’s a purse.

Ed Young wants to see you in a “Kingdom Kit”. You know… a stylish man-bag that you can carry your Bible and laptop in. I must be getting old. Even though he says it’s not… it looks like a purse/murse to me. Can I get an Amen? Todd
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What ever happened to Monopoly?

What ever happened to Monopoly? Don’t worry… your wife won’t say a word.  
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Keller, Stetzer, Driscoll or Osteen?

Recently Dave Miller over at SBC Voices did a little test.  See if you can tell who these tweets are from.  The answers are below. 1) God invites us to to come as we are, not to stay as we are. 2) God doesn’t judge the way we judge. He doesn’t look on the outside. He looks at the heart. 3) We do not follow Jesus because it is easy but rather because he is worthy. 4) God knows what He is doing. Quit fighting against what doesn’t go your way. 5) The attributes of God we see in Scripture are embodied in the person and work of Jesus Christ. 6) Jesus valued the lost over the social needs of the...
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4 really odd Bible translations

HT to for these: 1.  Klingon John 3:16:  vaD joH’a’ vaj loved the qo’, vetlh ghaH nobta’ Daj wa’ je neH puqloD, vetlh ‘Iv HartaH Daq ghaH should ghobe’ chIlqu’, ‘ach ghaj eternal yIn. 2. LOLCat John 3:16:  So liek teh Ceiling Kitteh lieks teh ppl lots and he sez ‘Oh hai I givez u me only kitteh and ifs u beleeves him u wont evr diez no moar, kthxbai!’ 3.  Word on the Street Bible You can read some excerpts here, dude. 4.  Pidgin English The translation came about through more than a decade of work between linguists...
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1923 Headline: Revolutionary changes for the church wrought by radio

Interesting excerpt from the book “Radio, Morality, and Culture”: An article in 1923 reported that “in New York complaints have been received by authorities of the Episcopal, Methodist and Presbyterian Churches that the churches in surrounding small towns and cities are being ruined financially by the radio broadcasting of sermons and music”; and in 1928, the same publication quoted the statistician Roger W. Babson, who predicted that radio will tend to eliminate the small-church preacher, as a preacher, because it will enable country people to hear the best preaching. An...
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We didn’t come from monkeys…

If you ever had any doubt… this song will answer all your questions:
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A history of Christians and alcohol

Interesting post over at Still Searching… here is a list of some historical things that have to do with the church and alcohol, taken from the new book Gray Matters… 27–28 AD: Jesus performs his first miracle: turning 120- 180 gallons of water into wine at a wedding banquet in Cana (see John 2:1-11). 30–31 AD: Jesus says of wine, “This cup is the new covenant in my blood, which is poured out for you” (Luke 22:20). Second Century: St. Clement of Alexandria publishes Pedagogia, which included the first scholarly treatment of the subject of Christians and alcohol. Fifth Century: St....
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St. Augustine… on breastfeeding?

Huh? St. Augustine had a position on breastfeeding?  Evidently so, according to this blog post, that quotes him as saying: “The comforts of human milk were waiting for me, but my mother and my nurses did not fill their own breasts; rather you [God] gave me an infant’s nourishment through them in accordance with your plan, from the riches deeply hidden in creation. You … inspired in those who nurtured me the will to give me what you were giving them, for their love was patterned on your law, and so they wanted to pass on to me the overflowing gift they received from you. It was a bounty for them,...
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Be happy you live in America.

According to, you get to enjoy freedoms that now everyone in the world can.  Here are some of the more obscure bans around the world: 1.  In France, ketchup is banned from schools.  (I wonder what they put on their “French” fries?) 2. It is illegal in Iran to have a mullet.  (They are a ‘decadent’ western men’s hairstyle… and I can’t say that I disagree). 3. Bangladesh has a total ban on plastic bags. 4. In Singapore, you need to have a prescription to chew gum (and yes… even the prescription gum is sugarless) 5.  Danish parents have...
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