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Pray for Community Bible Church

Bad news from the weekend in High Point, NC.  42-year-old Pastor Robert McKeehan took his own life last Friday.  The church he served, Community Bible Church, and it’s multiple locations, are reeling in pain. There were no public tell-tale signs of Robert’s inner struggles.  In fact, the church’s website still have a link to Robert’s last sermon, preached just five days before his suicide.  I watched a little of it, and there he hides it well. But something changed between Sunday and Friday. My heart and prayers go out to the congregation and leadership at Community Bible....
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John Hagee: Something ‘world-shaking’ is about to happen.

John Hagee says that something big is about to happen. And it’s not good. Not good at all. Sometime between Now (April 15, 2014) and October of next year, we will experience a world-shaking event. That is because the world is about to see four ‘blood moons’. A ‘blood moon’ is actually a total lunar eclipse that turns the moon a coppery-red color. And we’re set to see four of them. Hagee cites Acts 2:19-20: “And I will show wonders in Heaven above and signs in the Earth beneath, the sun shall be turned into darkness and the moon into blood before the coming of the...
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The 20 Most Influential Evangelicals in America

Recently, LifeWay President Thom Rainer compiled a list of 20 of what he thinks are the most influential evangelicals in America.  The list, he says, is subjective (he just asked about 30 friends for input). Here were the criteria: –They had to be American –They had to be living –They had to be ‘evangelical’ (whatever that means) –The nominees had to be influential (not necessarily those whom the person agreed with). Here are the results… see what you think.  (These are in alphabetical order): Matt Chandler Wilfredo De Jesus (Pastor Choco) Ross Douthat Tony...
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Jesus was the first ever Twitter user

From the Telegraph.UK: Christ “used tweets before everyone else, with elementary phrases made up of fewer than 45 characters like ‘Love one another’”, said Monsignor Ravasi, the Vatican’s equivalent of a culture minister. “A bit like in television today, he delivered a message through a story or a symbol,” the cardinal said at a conference with Italy’s leading newspaper editors. The cardinal emphasised the importance of clergy making full use of modern-day computer technology. “If a cleric, a pastor is not interested in communication, they...
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Oprah finds Jesus. (OK not really… she finds Rob Bell)

Oprah’s new “Super Soulful” book of the month? Rob Bell’s new suspense thriller “What We Talk About When We Talk About God”. Oprah says: Pastor Rob Bell is shaking up the way we think about God and religion. I love his new book, What We Talk About When We Talk About God (HarperOne). When I first started reading it, I was highlighting my favorite passages, but then I realized—what’s the point? I’ve marked every page! It just wowed me. In the book, Bell explains that God is and always has been with us, for us, and ahead of us—and then explores how we can...
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Lost and Found: Henry Blackaby in surgery today

Perhaps you’ve heard about the strange week for Henry Blackaby (you know… one of the writers of the popular Experiencing God from a few years back? Henry came up missing for about 29 hours over the weekend. Evidently, Blackaby suffered a heart attack while driving in Atlanta, became confused, and traveled around for hours and hours before police found him about 150 miles from his home. So… today, Blackaby is facing a quadruple bypass.  Let’s pray for him and his family today. Todd PS — I’m afraid if I showed up missing for 29 hours, no one might miss me.  :) More...
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The Pull Conference is ONLINE TODAY!

I’m always on the look out for quality events where I can grow and train my staff at the same time. I want to put this event on your radar: My friend Bob Franquiz is hosting The Pull Conference on TODAY September 18th at 1PM EST. Bob’s new book Pull: Making Your Church Magnetic is released on September 15th and to celebrate the book’s release, Bob is hosting a free conference to help churches grow this Fall. Check out who is speaking at the event… This event is focusing on what you need to do to see explosive growth in your church this Fall. Here are the topics they’ll be...
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Join me for Church Innovate tomorrow (Tuesday!)

  I hope you’ll join me as I host Leadership Network’s latest online event called Church Innovate Europe tomorrow (TUESDAY) We’ll be hearing from a number of European church leaders. You’ll gain a new perspective of how God is working on the other side of the pond! Click here to RSVP!
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Rick Warren on Piers Morgan TONIGHT (Monday)

Rick and Kay Warren sit down exclusively with CNN’s Piers Morgan on Monday at 9 p.m. ET to talk about the death of their son, and their new mission to raise awareness about mental illness. Check your local listings. And pray for Rick.  He will have a VERY large audience tonight… and can really make a difference in many people’s lives. Todd
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Pastor fighting church over forced resignation

We told you about this church and pastor a while back. Well, the pastor and his son pleaded guilty and were fined $50 plus court costs. But now there’s a bigger battle at the Church at Polaris near Columbus. It seems the leadership team has asked the pastor to resign. According to a suit filed recently, Pastor Bennett Smith actually did resign last month when the leadership asked him to.  But then ‘revoked’ his resignation and then tried to fire a leadership team member and church employee. Also, the suit accuses him of trespassing and telling a staff person to transfer a large...
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