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Get more accomplished at your next church staff meeting…

This invention from Coca Cola could really help the productivity of your next staff meeting. Heck… maybe you could get everyone to just leave them on for the day.  Just think of the type of ministry that could get done! Have fun…
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Sweet Sistine Pope Madness

The Religion News Service had 37,000 people fill out their Sweet Sistine bracket… And the winner is… [drumroll]……………. Cardinal Onaiyekan from Nigeria. (I hope he goes by Pope Randy or something easier to say than Onaiyekan) (and by the way… how cool would it be to have a “pope randy”? Here’s the...
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Breaktime! CREATIVE: The Old Testament in 60 seconds…

Check this out… very creative from the folks at Elevation… the Old Testament in 60 seconds. Of course, you can’t fit every story from the OT in just sixty seconds (and some of my favs are missing), but still… a pretty decent look, don’t you...
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Breaktime! 53 terrible jokes in 4 minutes

Have you laughed yet today?  Maybe one of these will bring a smile to your face. If not… go...
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Breaktime! Sounds like some sermons I’ve heard

Check out this answer from Miss Venezuela from the Miss Universe pageant a few weeks ago: Ever have a sermon go like...
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Breaktime! Even cats have new years resolutions

Well, It’s January 4… how are you doing on your New Years resolutions? Maybe you need some help, or a reminder, or some encouragement. Well here it is… if a cat can have New Years resolutions (and keep them)… the so can you! Watch: Todd
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Breaktime! Duck Dynasty: Willie Robertson’s testimony

Are you a fan of Duck Dynasty? (It’s just you and me here… you can admit it). If you’re a fan of the show… you’ll appreciate this… it’s Willie Robertson’s testimony, given recently at Harding...
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Breaktime: I’ve got it!

This is one of my favorite all-time videos. Sure it’s bad. Sure it’s kinda funny. But I love the enthusiasm. She’s got something, and she’s not afraid to share...
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Breaktime! Aren’t you glad this is not real life?

Some things just work better online than in real life. Can you imagine?
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Breaktime! There’s always that one kid…

I remember these days.  Man, you never knew what your kid would do. You gotta love the enthusiasm.  :) Todd
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