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Can Mars Hill 'Thrive' Without Rob Bell?

Mars Hill Bible Church pastor, Rob Bell told his congregation last month that he was leaving the ministry after 12 years of service – a move that has many questioning whether the megachurch can “thrive” without its founding pastor. “You’re going to be fine. You’re going to be great. You’re not just going to survive. You’re going to thrive,” Bell told his Grandville, Mich., 7000-member congregation, according to “A church is bigger than one person,” he added. However, Todd Cioffi, professor of congregational and ministry studies at Calvin College disagreed, the online site reported. According to Cioffi, case studies show that Mars Hill will most likely never be the same, following Bell’s departure. “Usually, when people talk about the experience at Mars (Hill), it would be in the context of Rob Bell coming up,” Cioffi said. “Everyone’s wondering (if he’s the glue). Now, we’ll actually see.” Shane Hipps, the Michigan church’s co-pastor, will continue preaching after Bell’s departure. via Can Mars Hill ‘Thrive’ Without Rob Bell? // So… what do you think will become of Mars Hill?  Will they suffer or will they be A-OK? My guess… they’ll be different… but just fine. Love to hear your thoughts… Todd