Can a practicing homosexual be a Christian?

I’ve said for a long time that this debate on homosexuality is not going away anytime soon. But this article headline caught my eye. It asks a very pointed question… well… actually it doesn’t ask the question.  It just gives an answer:  Practicing homosexuals CAN NOT be Christians. Here are the six points.  You can read more detail here… 1.  To call oneself an authentic Christian and remain a practicing homosexual is a direct contradiction of biblical teaching and contrary to the “abundant life” promised by Jesus. 2. Practicing homosexuality is most definitely sinful and contradicting biblical teaching on God’s order for human relationships and family. 3. Homosexuality is not simply another “alternative lifestyle.” 4. All of us are born with a fallen nature that gives us a tendency to do wrong. 5. There is a major distinction between people’s behavior and their race. 6. The cause of homosexuality is complex, yet there are common, agreed-upon contributing factors. Read the article, and let me know your thoughts. Is this a logical approach, or so you see holes in this debate? And… take a minute to answer the question:  Can a practicing homosexual be a Christian?  Yes or No? I’d love to hear your thoughts!  Leave a comment below… Todd