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BREAKING: We Have a New Pope (but does it matter?)

OK… so we have a new Pope.  Who is he, and does it really make any difference to those of us church leaders who are non-catholic?

Matt and I think it does.

Here are our thoughts on the new Pope:

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4 Responses to “ “BREAKING: We Have a New Pope (but does it matter?)”

  1. cjbenner says:

    Very sad account – you both did not seem to really know what you talking about nor have the authority to discuss it.
    Calling the new head of the Catholic church ” a dude” is really really bad.
    Not impressed at all.

    • toddrhoades2 says:

      Thanks, CJ. Next time we’ll wear a suit and tie and be a little more formal.

      I doubt that you (or anyone else) knew many details about the new pope when he was announced. Neither did we. We just tried to say a little about him that we gleaned in the first few minutes and pass it on. Sorry to be a bother.

      And of course we don’t have any authority to speak into this one… we’re not catholic. But we both do believe that the picking of the next pope has implications for all of us non-catholics. That was our main point.



  2. Roger Hicks says:

    A thought provoking session. I believe we as Protestants, especially evangelicals should pray for the pope….that he will be influential in promoting truly Christ centered social/moral issues.

  3. We should pray for the Pope (any Pope, any Catholic leader) to give up idolatry, pride and their subjugation of Scripture to be under Catholic Church authority. If they can do all that, then at last, they should leave the Catholic Church and find a church that teaches the Bible accurately.

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