Boycott Hillsong.

Bruce Herwig thinks you should stop singing songs from Hillsong. Here are some of his reasons I took from his blog post (here): 1.  They are huge.  100,000 plus. 2.  Their music helps fund the church/movement. 3. They make a lot of money and have made a ‘cash cow’ out of their music. 4. They are prone to the prosperity gospel. 5. Singing their music promotes everything they do. 6. Also… their music is so loud his iPhone couldn’t record it. His challenge:  only sing worship songs from people whose theology you can unequivocally espouse, or who’s artist/singer you can personally endorse. Uh-oh. No Vicky Beeching.  No “Glory to God”. No “Thank You” from Ray Boltz. (OK… that’s a good thing). No 2000’s Steve Fee. No Isaac Watts, No “It is Well with my Soul“. (Evidently Horatio Spafford was a tad bit suspicious on his view of Hell). We probably could revive this little ditty written by Benjamin Keach in 1696: All mixtures, Lord, in Doctrine And Practice thou dost hate; Ourselves therefore with wicked men Let’s not associate! So… this has been going on for centuries.  Don’t sing this.  Don’t sing that. When I was growing up, some didn’t want to us to sing anything written by Bill Gaither.  He was a compromiser that sympathized with “the charismatics”. What if Jesus is a Stones fan? So… the call has been made. Boycott Hillsong. You in? Todd