Bob Franquiz: Making Your Church More Magnetic

Over the last few months it seems as though I have had more conversations about creating an environment that welcomes the spiritually unresolved than anything else. Between you and me, I love helping churches think through how to create a more welcoming culture. This is why I am so excited about today’s Ministry Briefing Conversation.

I don’t know of a church on the face of the planet that doesn’t want to be a place where the unchurched feel welcome. We go to conferences where they talk about it, we buy tons of books addressing the subject, and we have countless conversations with our teams about it. But, if you are like many churches, at the end of the day everything is still theoretical… and you just don’t know where to start, or how to make it happen. So you are left having to hire someone to help you implement a culture shift (like me, hint hint), or you give up and move on to something else.

Bob Franquiz (one of our NINES speakers this year!) knows that feeling. As a church planter, he began building momentum and then realized that his church wasn’t reaching the unbelievers in his community. While his numbers were good, they were missing out on what they were called to do: reach the lost. Over the next few years Bob began to reshape the culture of his church, creating a culture that not only welcomes the unchurched, but sees them surrendering their lives to Christ on a regular basis. Today, Matt and I get to spend a few minutes with Bob as he shares his story with us, how he started to reshape the culture of his church, and why he wrote Pull: Making Your Church Magnetic.

Click below to check out the conversation, and let us know what you think!


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