Bluetooth Tooth Brush

OK… match this up to the ‘things I never knew existed, but are kinda cool’ category. A toothbrush with bluetooth. Wow… never even imagined or thought of something like this. The iPhone or Android app will keep record of how long and how well you brush, and even has a timer.  You can also set your brushing goals and lets you listen to music whilest you brusheth your teeth. Future versions will allow you to see what parts of your mouth you brush the most and which parts you neglect. Could be kind of useful.  Especially for kids (as a diagnostic to help them brush better or just to make it fun for them). Makes me wonder though… how did someone come up with this? ‘Cause I’d never think about it. I wonder what really cool things the church could innovate if we just put on our thinking caps? What’s the last really cool ‘new thing’ or innovation in the church?  What is the church’s bluetooth tooth brush?