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Biggest Loser & Rick Warren

If you read many blogs, you’ll find that some think that Rick Warren IS the biggest loser… but no… he’s just teaming up with someone from the show: Pastor Rick Warren and Austin Andrews, a finalist on this season’s “Biggest Loser,” have teamed up for the launch of the Daniel Plan Fun Walk & Run on Saturday. The inaugural event, which includes a 10K walk and run, a 5K walk and run and a kid’s Fun Run, will be at Saddleback’s Lake Forest campus. Running paths will travel along nearby Aliso Creek Trail and through the church’s campus. By 20, Austin weighed 435 pounds. He was 6-feet tall. “I continued to eat to feed my emotions. Any pain or happiness I felt, I resorted to food. I had active friends in college but I’d never want to go out and hike or do anything physical because of how I looked. I dragged them to diners to hang out. I excluded myself from a lot of activities.” Andrews, 21, from Pasadena, who at the beginning of the season 11 show weighed 396 pounds, dropped 174 pounds in about eight months. He plans to run in the 5K and will present an award to the Daniel Plan’s biggest loser. Losing the weight was the most difficult thing Andrews has ever endured, he said, in reference to the show that challenged 22 people to be the one who could lose the most weight. Andrews made it to No. 5 by often exercising as much as 7 hours a day and being obsessed about what calories he took in. Despite not winning the $250,000, he was happy with his success. Now he is motivating others to take be active and monitor their nutrition. “The Daniel Plan is a unique program that has a lot of balance,” he said. “The Daniel Plan is something we could have definitely used on our show.” On the health and fitness plan Warren has lost nearly 40 pounds since kicking it off in January. He named it the Daniel Plan, after a passage in the Bible, in which the prophet Daniel opts for vegetables and water rather than “defile himself with the royal food and wine” – with a pledge to lose 90 pounds by the end of the year. Church members and online participants nationwide, so far have lost more than 200,000 pounds. via The Orange County Register. The last sentence got me… 200,000 pounds lost so far!?  Where did all of that go?  Won’t that throw the earth out of it’s orbit or something? Todd