Beware of the Compare

Dave Travis writes:  The layman droned on about his views on the shortcomings of his pastor. The leader in question was a man of close acquaintance, a person I had spent multiple hours with over the last 15 years.

Like most leaders the pastor in question had much strength. Along with those strengths he did have some weaknesses as well. Over that same period the church had grown, thrived, planted churches, sent out leaders to other kingdom causes and he led the church in bettering its own local community. Now, it is true that he is no longer the ‘hot young pistol’ he once was in church circles. The younger set generally knew him not.

Bob Buford always taught me to ask the question: “As compared to what?” and so I did.

The response from the layman was telling… Click here to read what he said.

The next time someone makes a comparison to you, maybe you should respond with “as compared to WHAT”?


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