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Benny Hinn sets off guy at the airport

I’m not sure what is more troubling here… the guy going off on Benny Hinn, or the size of Benny Hinn’s body guards.

Or the pink shirt Benny is wearing.

Take your pick, I guess.



14 Responses to “ “Benny Hinn sets off guy at the airport”

  1. Barry L. Nall says:

    I think that the airport bars should limit the amount of alcoholic beverages served to under the jackass limit.

    • Barry L. Nall says:

      I do not defend Mr. Hinn, but neither do I attack him. I certainly do not consider these charges alleged by Mr. Jackass to true or false, I don’t know them to be either. I would prefer to leave Mr. Hinn to face God on his own terms, and I would want to give him what I want for myself. Mercy.

      • DA says:

        The Bible commands that we warn the flock and our family of wolves who would do nothing but steal and destroy. Your right to quietly accept his heresy is fine… the expense of those around you who’s souls are being defrauded.

        • Barry Nall says:

          I am glad you are around to call out the heretics. God knows what might happen to us helpless sheep without you.

  2. SuSu says:

    well….sometimes the truth just hurts, doesn’t it?

  3. DA says:

    I think the internet should have a limit on the people posting on Christian web sites using vulgar, profane, course language (as the Bible condemns).

    • “But a stupid person will get understanding, when a wild ass is born human” – Job 11:12 ;)

      • DA says:

        I didn’t search too hard, but what version is your verse from? More appropriate: “12 But a stupid man will get wisdom [only] when a wild donkey’s colt is born a man [as when he thinks himself free because he is lifted up in pride].” Some versions of the Bible use other words that are now commonly known as course language (by Paul). There are now a FEW bizarre pastors who preach using profanity and think it’s acceptable language encouraged by scripture……but few and bizarre. Use that language in corporate America, making a public news statement, or in the pulpit and see how far it gets you. it’s wrong whether young people agree with it or not.

    • Barry Nall says:

      Coarse is the correct spelling. I just thought I needed to call that out.

  4. Richard says:

    Did the guy in whose zip code Hinn lives say something untrue? Or express an opinion that was based on wild speculation?

  5. Jeff Ruble says:

    Oh well. got to much to do to worry myself with mole hills.

  6. Craig R. Secor says:

    mole hills……..but yet we spend the time reading and commenting

  7. Jeff Ruble says:

    By mole hills I was not judging mr.Hinn. how can I remove the speck in his eye when I have a plank in mine. It is not for me to judge. that is between God, mr. Hinn and the man he went off on.

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