Benny Hinn recently headed to Trinidad and Tobago

Benny Hinn recently headed to Trinidad and Tobago for one of his crusades, where he asked those gathered to sow a seed of faith for $100 (or TT$600). Considering the economic status of Trinidad and Tobago, this represents a significant sacrifice for many in the crowd, but Hinn let them know what would happen in return:

You will produce a harvest for the rest of your life. There will be a miracle in your finances and that of your family…

Let’s put aside the transactional nature of this “deal with God” thinking, and look at this from a discipleship perspective:

How do/would YOU counsel members of YOUR congregation that are supporters of Benny Hinn and the like?


  • Gary Ellis April 22, 2013 Reply

    I don’t and wouldn’t attempt to dissuade anyone in my congregation from supporting Benny Hinn or anyone else by name unless they asked me about him specifically in private. Publicly I teach that the process of giving is a life worship that includes but is not limited to financial support. I emphasis the intentionality of giving as a means of exercising faith. I also teach that any exercise of faith logically comes with the expectation of Him “giving back” but not as the result of a “good business deal.” Instead, as a farmer should expect crops from the seed sewn, but as a valid principle exampled in the scriptures. Not, once again, as a manipulation. One of the areas that I believe Benny Hinn totally misleads the people is with the idea that that one gift of $100 will economically set them for life. Giving is a life long process and principle. But, again, I would not “name” him publicly.
    I know some pastors think that’s part of their calling in protecting the sheep. I don’t.

  • Robert Barnes April 22, 2013 Reply

    I don’t have any *members* of my congregation who are supporters of Benny Hinn. Attendees, sure, occasionally.

    People who support Hinn tend to have a very different worldview, one that can easily absorb direct logical objections, direct Scriptural assault; they’ll just speak words of faith over your negativity and be on their way.

    I tell them something like this: “I know you are committed to getting financial blessing through this man and this belief system. And because I’ve talked to many like you, and because I’ve read the Bible, I know you are going to fail, burn out, and grow very angry soon at being mislead. I will be here for you, and I will not say I told you so, and this church will show you a path of healing and hope after you are done with being abused by this man and his false teachings.”

    If they try and make me detail the false teachings or something like that, I kindly defuse and reaffirm that I love them and if they are sincerely ready to be set free from a very different religion than Christianity, with a different God, different gospel, and different goal, and move into true freedom in Christ, call me.

    Then I do my God/Gospel/Goal message if they are truly looking for answers.

  • Robert Barnes April 22, 2013 Reply

    Unlike the wise pastor Gary, I have named names from the pulpit when the Scriptures directly contradict their public teachings. I once said from the pulpit that I’d rather find my son reading Playboy than reading Good Morning Holy Spirit.

    • Gary Ellis April 23, 2013 Reply

      It would seem, Robert, that your “wise pastor” statement is sarcasm. Otherwise, you’re stating that publicly naming names is unwise and self implicating. Re: “reading Playboy vs. Good Morning Holy Spirit”….whether or not I like Good Morning Holy Spirit…I’m going to follow your example and call you out in this forum….that’s pathetic. How is that an example of “Scriptural” responsibility or accountability. Pathetic ignorance gone to seed.

  • Chuck April 22, 2013 Reply

    This post is in no way a statement of support for Benny Hinn, but T&T’s economy is thriving.

    I recently returned from business there and was astounded at the growth and projections for more growth due to their petroleum products reserves. Wow.

    Heaven help the T&T churches, however, if they imitate the prosperity theology/teachings of some American televangelists.

  • Chris Shaffer April 23, 2013 Reply


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