Bad Mood?

Well, it’s probably your first day back in the office for 2013.

But what if you’re ALREADY in a bad mood?

How do you snap out of it?

Tim Sanders offers some suggestions:

1.  Admit it.  You’re in a bad mood.  Tell someone.  Your assistant.  Your spouse.  A co-worker.  A fair warning serves two purposes: it gives a heads-up to people, and serves to give you a reminder that you need to get it under control before it ruins your day.

2.  Try to figure out WHY you’re in a bad mood.  Something set you off.  Bad sleep?  A fight with your spouse/kids?  A problem at work that you need to deal with?  An upcoming meeting or confrontation?  Identifying why you’re upset will help you put things in perspective.

3.  Take a few minutes to connect with someone close to you.  Take some time out and talk with someone who can usually put you in a better mood.  It will help you re-set

4.  Eat something.  Healthy.  Some tea or a healthy snack can help, believe it or not.

5.  Focus.  On Mission.  Try to put out of your mind what has you all whacked out of shape, and get back to your mission and purpose.  Grab your church mission statement and read it.  Pray through it.  Then start working on a task (even if it wasn’t on your agenda) that will move that purpose forward.

Those are some of Tim’s suggestions.  What are yours?

How do you get yourself out of a bad mood?

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