Bad Execution of a Great Vision

You can have the best vision in the world, but without great execution, you’ll get sidetracked.  Every time. Will Mancini has some great thoughts on how NOT to get sidetracked.  He shares 6 common mistakes on implementation and execution that you may want to consider: #1 Spinning Wheel Decision-making. Sometimes a team can have a great vision process only to get bogged down in complex or ineffective decision-making after the fact. On a car ride of a thousand miles, the spark plugs fire a thousands times each mile. If the little steps to make the vision happen don’t fire, you’ll only putter along. #2 Courage-on-empty: Clarity is no good if there isn’t courage and conviction to act on it. Sometimes the team or the point leader get fired up about the next ministry chapter or new direction only to hit the brakes if a few people push back. This lack of courage may be just another way to describe approval addiction. #3 Ego Side Trips: Sometimes a team of strong leaders create sideways energy. Maybe two senior leaders have different operating philosophies. Or, maybe youthful vigor on the team insists on going in its own direction. Sometimes leaders gets distracted with building their platform outside of the organization or use a ministry position in a way that promotes personal hobbies and interests. While I don’t often run into ill intent in ministry, I do see lots of strong egos that don’t harness together well. Read the last three here at Will’s blog… So… what’s the bigger problem with you?  Coming up with the stellar vision or the follow-through and execution of the plan?