Arrest warrant out for Richmond megachurch pastor; XP arrested

The church was named the countries ‘fastest growing church’ in 2011 by Outreach Magazine.

But Pastor Geronimo Scott Aguilar of the popular Richmond Outreach Center in  South Richmond has been charged with aggravated sexual battery of a child under 14 in Tarrant County Texas.

The Fort Worth arrest warrant has shown up on the national crime information center database. Recently, a Fort Worth Police Department confirmed to CBS 6 that the 43-year-old Aguilar was being investigated for alleged sexual abuses.

His Richmond attorney, David Carlson, said Aguilar was previously cleared by Texas investigators when two girls initially made the charges in late 1990s.

“Seventeen or so years later,  these things have resurfaced, for whatever reasons,” said David Carlson, Aguilar’s attorney. “They’ve decided to proceed with an ex parte investigation. By ex parte,  they have listened to one side of the story and have not even afforded him the opportunity to have any input.”

Aguilar has been the target of a Facebook campaign alleging improprieties with girls in this area. Richmond police confirmed recently that they investigated an allegation against Aguilar a year ago, but no charges were filed.


And is reporting that the churches Executive Pastor has been arrested and charged with making threats to news story sources.

The major part of the story here that caught my eye is that investigators have, at least according to Aguilar’s attorney, have listened to one side of the story and have not even afforded him the opportunity to have any input.  That seems a bit unfair, given the severity of the charges and the consequences of the charges if everything proves to be unsubstantiated.

What would YOU do if you were the pastor in this situation?

What would YOU do if you were an elder in this situation?

What would YOU do it you were a church member in this church?




  • What would I do if I were a church member or elder? I would have a brain scan to determine if it had not somehow been replaced with a 1980’s era “Pong” game. Jerry D. Kaifetz, Ph.D., (author of “Profaned Pulpit—The Jack Schaap Story”)

  • Casey Sabella May 21, 2013 Reply

    I would say nothing except “call my attorney .” I doubt this is true.

  • Scott Coburn May 21, 2013 Reply

    As an attorney (and minister) who formerly practiced criminal law, every minister and church leader should be aware of how frighteningly easy it is for a person to tell a false story to law enforcement and be acted upon with little effort to determine its truthfulness. Also, police and prosecutors may have little choice but to proceed if a witness is insisting a story is true even if other facts give rise to some doubt. Churches should be very prepared with preventative policies to limit exposure to such claims and be sure they are enforced. Otherwise, always reserve opinions until facts on all sides are discerned.

  • Drew Mahan May 21, 2013 Reply

    Todd, If I were the pastor and I were innocent of any wrong doing, I think I would make one heart-felt statement to the church, then take an extended break from the pulpit. Honestly, it’s a lose/lose situation for the pastor. If you fight, you seem defensive. If you are silent, you seem guilty. I would say 1 time that I was innocent, ask the church for prayers for me and my family, then go silent for a bit. Honestly, I don’t think I would ask for anyone to feel as if they needed to come staunchly to my defense. If they do, that is great. But, I would not ask for it. I would even tell the congregation to allow the situation to take its course and that we needed to trust that God would take care of things.

    Then, hopefully the truth would come out. After that, vindication will be much sweeter, and protection for the future will be won as well.

    Drew Mahan

  • I don’t disagree that people should support their pastor, but I think that Drew makes the most sense. Publicly announce your innocence, ask for prayers for both the pastor AND the people that a bringing the charges and then ask the church to forge on without the pastor and then other than reverent prayer, not speak of it either way. If the church declares him innocent then the victims, be it the people making these allegations or someone else in another church in another country, would never feel like they would get justice because they wouldn’t evfer feel like they could come forward.

    A pastor has a responsibility not only to NEVER do such a thing, but if accused, guilty or not, he should do what he can to bring peach to his church and to the people that count on the church.

    There should be a guidebook for such a thing. This has to run its course and NOTHING that happens outside of the court will help the situation. The ROC is a HUGE part of Richmond and I hope the church survives the bad decisions made by few.

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