Are you 'campus pastor' material? Ask these 4 questions…

More and more churches are going multisite… which means more and more churches are looking for campus pastors these days.

Josh Street shares four questions to ask yourself if you think God might be calling you to a campus pastor role in the near future:

1. Can you identify whole-heartedly with the church “DNA”? Most multi-site churches are locked in on their identity and “who” they feel like God has called them to reach. The primary position of a campus pastor is not to seek to change the church, but to duplicate the church and its ministry within their local community. This should be one area where you shouldn’t have to “stretch” to fit in. At Northstar, we require our campus pastors to be outreach-oriented. Although our mission is “to help the whole word to find and follow Jesus“, we will always be more “find” than “follow“. (Read Luke 15 to understand)

2. Are you comfortable with multiple layers of leadership? Campus pastors have the opportunity to build their own volunteer teams and staff, but their staff often report to different people all over the organization. We define those at Northstar by solid and dotted lines. Everyone has a single solid line on campus staffs and those report directly to the campus pastor, but the dotted lines have a tremendous amount of influence on exporting central culture and objectives. If your are black and white personality, you may not thrive in this type of environment.

3. Are you an over-achiever? Most multi-site churches place a high demand on their campus pastors’ job performance. Northstar is no different. Distance and resource limitations can increase this pressure. To stay ahead of the curve requires a self-driven leadership style to constantly improve and grow both personally and corporately. Utilize the development and training that your organization provides, but use that as your base not your bar for yourself and your campus.  (Read Luke 19:11-27 for a great example of this)

4. Can you make something out of nothing? Maximize resources. A church start always feels under-resourced no matter how well-resourced they truly are. You will be expected to leverage both your talent and tools to their fullest. An ability to be creative and diligent with your time, staff, volunteers, and financial resources is a non-negotiable. A quick look at your personal budget and time will tell you if this is describes you.

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