Are you a visionary leader?

If you ask 10 pastors if they are a visionary leader, you’ll probably get a whole lot of yesses.

Here are seven qualities from Brad Lomenick’s new book, The Catalyst Leader.

Ask yourself these questions.  You may not be as visionary as you thought.

  1. Optimistic about the future.
  2. Focused on the best in their people. They focus on the unique strengths of every employee.
  3. Never satisfied but always content. They seem happy where they are but refuse to stay there.
  4. Consumed with making tomorrow better than today. Hopeful leaders never settle.
  5. Accepting of change.
  6. Inclusive, not exclusive. Hopeful leaders invite others into their vision.
  7. Personally bought in. Vision is inside them.”

How’d you do?

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