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Are you a Functional Leader or an Organizational Leader?

Functional leaders lead ‘things’. Organizational leaders lead ‘people’. There’s a big difference between the two. People that can lead ‘things’ many times fail when the lead ‘people’. That’s why all great singers aren’t great worship leaders. That’s why all great Bible teachers aren’t great senior pastors. It’s easy for some to manage something like a talent… like a great singer managers their voice, yet fail miserably when you put them in charge of a worship team filled with other musicians (‘people’). Some might be great at Bible study and yes, even sermon delivery… yet flounder when you ask them to lead a team of people. People management and leading take things to a whole different level. And some people can’t make the jump. And that’s ok. Nothing wrong with that. Unless we continue to use and promote functional leaders into organizational leaders. That’s one of the reasons, quite frankly, that pastors and church staff change positions so often in my opinion.  They’re trying to operate as organizational leaders when really, they’re more of a functional one. As I said… that’s fine… but you need to recognize the difference and adjust accordingly. This is a teaching today from Sam Chand… who explains it much better than I can.  See what you think: Click the picture below to watch this short video: Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 8.21.21 AM