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Are tithers better off financially?

According to a new research study, tithers are actually better off than non-tithers.

Take a look at this graphic.


What are your thoughts?

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9 Responses to “ “Are tithers better off financially?”

  1. There’s no spiritual magic to this. If you are able to actually be disciplined enough about your finances to tithe, then you are probably disciplined enough about it to be smart in other areas. Duh… right?

    • PastorShane says:

      Can’t argue your insight…..
      I do believe the Bible teaches that God rewards those who use discipline & stewardship with their finances…..

    • kevindfoster says:

      Not necessarily! I know several people who are not disciplined financially, but tithe, because they truly sense God owns everything, and that He only requires 10% back. Also, because they simply love God. One cannot deny the truth of Malachi 3, God really does “open the windows of heaven’ for those who tithe. Not a surprising statistic!!

    • Dale says:

      Dead on…people aren’t better off because they tithe. They are better off because they have implemented disciplines in their lives. Don’t think for a second this removes God from the equation. Too many people fail to understand that discipline is a spiritual act and that God is at work in the lives of those who exercise discipline.

  2. Jim says:

    I believe there is a spiritual dynamic and blessing that God promises for those who trust him with a full tithe and more. I can’t tell you the amount of blessings that have come our way because of our willingness to tithe. Likewise, it is true that part of this covenant or practice forces you to be more discipline. I have preached tithing for over 20 years. Most people want to practice it but the biggest hurdle is for people to curtail their spending.
    We are such a believer in it that we recently petitioned our struggling young adult son to start tithing. Remarkably, when he gave in and started an awesome job opportunity came his way. It is not always that easy but we believe God does reward and honor our faith. Like we say, “We can’t afford not to tithe!”

  3. Steve Long says:

    Don’t believe that followers of Jesus must tithe and never have. Nothing in the New Testament suggests it and the Apostles do not address it in any of their instruction to the Church. It is mentioned in Hebrews, a most Jewish of books and not as an argument to practice it but as an argument about the priest Melchizedek being a type of Jesus the superior Priest.
    Here’s why. I raised 7 kids and the money I earned occupationally was not doled out on a percentage basis. I gave as much as was needed and more to their support because I am committed to them and devoted to them. I believe in their future and I really want them to succeed. If all was needed then that was my commitment. All. I never could work out some specific percentage of my participation in their future that was enough to let everyone know I was a good dad. In the same way; I believe in God’s salvation and the work that surrounds it, and to the same degree that I believe in my family and am devoted to my family I want to participate financially in it. You don’t have to really believe in the importance of God’s work to do the tithe thing but to be ‘all in’ you have to believe and be committed to it. So how much should we participate financially? As much as we believe. Isn’t that what Jesus asked the rich young ruler? Hey rich kid, are you all in?

  4. pastorrayw says:

    Paul said it best in I Cor 16:2, “On the first day of every week, each one of you should set aside a sum of money in keeping with your income, saving it up, so that when I come no collections will have to be made.” Don’t see “tithe” or 10%. Giving shows where your heart is. The widow gave all she had; the Pharisees a ‘tithe’. Which did Jesus commend?

  5. Michael says:

    While believe in giving to the church and that blessings come from this. I find the cause and effect implications here a little laughable. Of course tithers will be better stewards of their finances in all areas of their lives.

    It is kinda like making the statement that minivan owners are more likely to have young children. Of course they are but buying a minivan does not help you have children.

    Something else to keep in mind I know some people where giving 10% is not that hard for them because of their income. I also know some single parent households where giving 10% means stepping out on faith that God will provide food.

    For me giving 10% changes the car I drive and vacations I go on. It does not impact my ability to provide basic needs to my family. This is because of my financial security. In fact I believe I should and do give more than 10%

    If you are still reading I would find it interesting to look at the age of most tithers. I would think that you would also find the percentages would not be that shocking when compared to older Americans financial situation.

  6. Since Jesus taught we are to give secretly, how in the world is gathering statistics like this even possible?

    Also, correlation does not equal causation. Nuf said.

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