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Andy Stanley’s 80/20 Rule: These 3 Things Provide The Most Value

Interesting insight:  80% of Andy’s  personal productivity flows from three activities:

1. Corporate Vision Casting

2.  Corporate Communication

3.  Leadership Development

“These were the three things that made me most valuable to my organization.”

How important is leadership development?  Watch this short video from Aubrey Malphurs

QUESTION:  Does your staff know how to intentionally develop leaders?

Or maybe a better question:  What is YOUR 80/20?  Do you the top three things that you do each week that provide the most value to your church? Are you doing them consistently?

Love to hear your feedback… leave a comment below.


HT:  Church Central

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  • Peter Dodge January 26, 2015 Reply

    I’ve never heard of 80/20 except when I’m choosing hamburger. I have heard the 10/90 rule developed by who knows that is usually more accurate.

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