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A First for Pastors? Andy Stanley on NetFlix

What? Andy Stanley on NetFlix? Yep! This is a new thing (at least that I know of) for Pastors. The first series that is available is called “Starting Over” (seems a tad bit fitting for the new year). There are just four ‘episodes’ available as of right now… but more on the way. Seems to me that these would be great for small groups or home groups.  Each video is 27 minutes long and come from Stanley’s broadcast ministry. Here are the overviews for each of the first four sessions: Session #1: Three Myths Andy offers thoughts on why we fall apart when things go wrong and provides a framework for picking up the pieces and preparing for future challenges. Session #2: Own It Andy discusses why our history of personal mistakes repeats itself and how a successful future depends on owning our share of the past. Session #3: Rethink it Andy explains why poor decisions can trigger the question “What was I thinking?” and examines how to break a continuing cycle of personal mistakes Session #4: Release it Andy sheds light on why we learn from some mistakes and keep repeating others, and explains how to break free from other people’s actions.

Check out Andy Stanley on Netflix. Just search for “Andy Stanley”
UPDATE:  Jason Caston has given me the heads up that Ed Young also has one series on NetFlix. It’s called “Fifty Shades of They” (sounds like an Ed Young title!)  You can find that by searching Ed Young on NetFlix.