Andy Stanley calls President "Pastor-in-Chief"… Is it a big deal?

andy stanleyLots of fury in the church leadership world.  First with Mark Driscoll’s (and other’s) comments on the inauguration… now with a comment that Andy Stanley made during a pre-inauguration service where he told the president that he should be called the “Pastor-in-Chief” for the way that he handled some of the tough events during his presidency. According to the Christian Post, the services was ‘off the record’… no video… no cameras… no recording devices… just notes available to the press pool. But it has outraged plenty a church leader. How could “Andy” (we all call him Andy, right?) say something like this? Well, I don’t know.  I’m not able to read the context or setting of what was said.  We’re just relying on press reports. Is it possible that he was giving the president a compliment?  Is that not allowable? Is it possible that many are reading into whatever Andy (there I go again) said as a blanket acceptance of his policies? Is it possible that Andy did a much better job in that speaking role than you or I would have? I’d say YES to all three of those statements. So… I say… cut him some slack. Read more here… What say you?

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