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An Uncomfortable Lunch with the Pastors

We recently came across a story of a group of pastors in Washington State who get together on a monthly basis. This group spans many different streams of Christianity, which tends to make everyone a little uncomfortable at some point, but the group gathers to pray with one another, have lunch, and share what they are seeing.

The group embraces the tension of their differences, doesn’t try to convert anyone to their stream, and makes people wonder why they go… but in the end, it is a positive experience for all involved.

So, we want to know… do YOU take part in anything like this?

Why or why not?


One Response to “ “An Uncomfortable Lunch with the Pastors”

  1. Our town has two ministerial associations; a more general one, and a specifically Evangelical one. Recently the latter embarked on a history-making project that I wrote about on my blog that you might find interesting.

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