Agree or Disagree: Same-Sex Attraction

Check out this quote from John Piper:

We should never deal with sexual attraction in the abstract. It is always entangled with other facets of our soul, that may, at first glance seem disconnected from our sexual drives.

Here’s another excerpt:

We should deepen our analysis of what is really going on in a person’s soul before we conclude that a person is fixed in a same-sex orientation. For example, we may find that a man’s homosexual exploits are really a manifestation of a deeper spiritual issue of being harsh and controlling.

As I look at it… of course… most of our sins (whatever they are) are ‘entangled with other facets of our soul’.  Sin is highly complex.  That is how someone called to ministry falls from grace in the most unbelievably embarrassing way.  It is a dark journey that, as Piper states, is entangled with so many other facets of our soul.

Read Piper’s comments here.

But can you say that, and draw the conclusion that a man’s homosexual ‘exploits’ are really just a manifestation of other things like harshness or the need to control?

I suppose it could be.

Or… they could be gay.

I understand what Piper is saying, and I agree to an extent.

But I wonder if sometimes we try to read in to what sin is really committed (and why).

There is none of us that is righteous.  (No not one).

As you deal with homosexuals in your community, church, family, for example,… how do you deal with them?

Do you try to diagnose the base level sin (pride, control, selfishness)?

Piper’s main point is that we can not over-generalize when it comes to people with same-sex issues.  His examples are ‘predatory lesbians’ (what in the WORLD is that?) and men experimenting because they’re lonely.

What do YOU think?

How would you counsel a ‘predatory lesbian’?

How would you counsel a man experimenting?  (Would you say he’s gay or just trying to not be lonely?)

And how would you counsel overall?  Would you look for root issues that are causing the homosexual behavior to flare, or would you start with the fact that they are just ‘gay’?

I’d love to hear your thoughts.



  • Jan June 20, 2012 Reply

    I believe there are deep hurts and “root issues”.
    I have several friends who are homosexuals. I would say that we have a respectful relationship. Most of them have issues with dad, whether they are a male or female. One lesbian friend was severely beaten and abused by her father then her husband. She finally gave up on a male relationship at all. Ultimately, homosexuality is sin. But I think we need to address heart issues for the healing and restoration process to begin, even if there is repentance. It’s not just all about the behavior.

  • Matt Steen June 21, 2012 Reply

    Gee, way to throw us an easy question.

    If by counsel you mean “how will I try to make them un-gay”, I wouldn’t. I have learned that I am incredibly incompetent when it comes to making people not sin. If they ask me for help in changing their lifestyle, that is a little different, but best I can tell it is the Holy Spirit’s role to convict us of sin… not mine. My role is to love my neighbor, regardless of their particular sin issues, and continue to work out my salvation while being ready to give an answer when people ask me about the source of my hope.

    While thinking about this I stumbled upon a a great video of Keller talking on related stuff… I really love how he approaches this stuff:

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