7 things that will guarantee your failure as a church leader…

… at least if you let them get out of hand.

Michael Nichols shares 7 things that you need to watch out for:

1. Social Media

I was checking Facebook, Twitter, Vine, Buffer, my blog stats – 10 to 12 times a day wasting more than an hour a day. There’s no reason for me to check these more than once a day. Nobody cares if it takes me a few hours longer to like their witty status or comment on their latest photo.

So I set aside a time every morning to process social media. And I can do this in a matter of minutes.

2. TV

Yeah, you do it, too – sit down to watch one program, and it turns into 3 (or more)! Before you know it the entire evening is gone.

I was wasting an average of 1-2 hours each evening watching television which caused me to stay up late. Then I had a hard time getting up on time the next morning – more wasted time.

3. Going to work early and staying late

This one sounds weird – let me explain.

I was going to work about an hour early nearly every day and staying an hour or so late. To be honest, those 2 hours were extremely productive because the building was empty and there were few distractions. But here’s the problem – I was neglecting top priorities in my life to spend more time at the office. How does that make sense?

So I stopped! Now I go in on time. And I leave on time (most days).

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What are YOUR biggest distractions?


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