50 Things You Should Be Reading this Week…

Last year, my friend Matt Steen and I embarked on an interesting journey. We’re both self-confessed information junkies, particularly when it comes to the church.  We love to find great resources to make ourselves better leaders… and we love sharing it with others. Not everyone is like us.  (“Thankfully”, say our wives.) So, if you’re a ‘non-junkie’ who doesn’t have the time or the patience to wade through tons of content to find the true ‘nuggets’, It’s ok. You know it’s important to keep up on what’s happening in the church world. Matt and I can help eliminate that frustration and probably full-on guilt that you’re feeling. (All ministry leaders live with full-on guilt, right?!) That’s where Ministry Briefing comes in. Ministry Briefing is kind of a ‘just the facts’ resource that Matt and I deliver to hundreds of church leader’s email in-boxes every Friday morning.  In it, you’ll find a really short, custom-written synopsis of what we think are the top 50 things every church leader in America should know about. Think of it as your Cliffs Notes for all things ministry. In fact, in just 30 minutes, you’ll be up-to-date on all the things you know you really need to know, but have just not had the time to keep up with. 30 minutes… just you, a cup of coffee, and Ministry Briefing. Frustration gone.  Brain loaded. Guilt subsided. Batteries recharged. It’s a great feeling. OK… maybe it’s not total heaven this side of heaven.  But we really do believe that Ministry Briefing can help you be a better leader by learning from others and knowing what in the world is going on. Below you’ll find six of the stories you’ll read in this week’s full Ministry Briefing.  You can download the full 50 stories in less than 60 seconds and read them on your computer, smartphone, tablet, or Kindle. And the cost… just $2.99. (And if you buy it, and think it is (as Paul would say) ‘dirty rags’, just email me, and I’ll be happy to refund your three bucks. So… let’s get caught up together.  Today.  Right now. Todd  

Here are some samples of the great content you’ll read this week…

Chef Rick Warren… Cookbook Author? In following up his #1 New York Times bestseller, pastor Rick Warren is expanding his Daniel Plan dieting book with a cookbook. Warren promises American classics that don’t compromise taste. Source: http://bit.ly/1iOXC7V • The Christian Post Nashville Atheist Church Adds Second Service
The Sunday Assembly, an atheist church, has add- ed a second service after three months of meetings that celebrate life. The movement’s co-founder Sanderson Jones, will co-lead a service alongside agnostic documentary film maker Morgan Spurlock. Source: http://bit.ly/1fg5BXx • The Christian Post Divorce Higher Among Evangelicals in New Report
A new report from Baylor University that included data from a number of studies found that evangeli- cals have higher divorce rates than those who claim no religion. Those who claim no religious affiliation has grown form 3% in the 1960’s to 20%. Source: http://bit.ly/1iP1bLl • Baptist Standard
Mennonites Ordain Lesbian Clergy Member Theda Good was licensed as the pastor of nurture and fellowship at at First Mennonite Church of Den- ver under the Mountain States Mennonites. Good is the first lesbian in a committed same-sex relation- ship to be ordained by the Mennonites. Source: http://bit.ly/1ojPwri • RNS
Arvella Schuller Passes Away Arvella Schuller, the wife of Robert Schuller, passed away at the age of 84. She was a producer for the Hour of Power television show and was noted as one of the key creative forces behind the growth of the Crystal Cathedral. Source: http://lat.ms/1ojTZKP • L.A. Times
Pastor Uses Nudity as Object Lessons Pastor Allen Parker of White Tail Chapel in Rich- mond, VA has made clothing optional in his congre- gation. Parker has used public nudity as a way of discussing the ways we can approach Christ without shame. Source: http://bit.ly/1kzriJp • UPI Order your copy of this week’s Ministry Briefing and download immediately here…  

Here is the full list of topics and stories we cover in this week’s edition of Ministry Briefing…


Chef Rick Warren… Cookbook Author?


Atheists May Be Growing But Many Remain Silent Baby Boomers Turn to Small Start Ups Marriage and Education Linked Pro Life Groups Oppose Girl Scout Tweets Doctor Assisted Suicide Rebranded for Boomers Top Defensive Player at Missouri Comes Out Same Sex Couples Receive More Rights Under Federal Government Does a Catholic Hospital Have to Follow Discrimination Laws? Nashville Atheist Church Adds Second Service Divorce Higher Among Evangelicals in New Report Does Crowd Funding Bring A Dark Side? This Is What Happy Couples Do…


Church Arsonist Forgiven Pastor Released from Prison in Philippines Bob Jones University Rejects GRACE Legal Team for Florida Church Quits in Middle of Foreclosure Fight Ponzi Scheme Involving Eddie Long Reaches Settlement Camel Carries a Load of Questions for the Bible FBI and IRS Raid Charity’s Warehouse Minnesota Pastor Takes 1500 Mile Snow Mobile Trip


Chicago Presbytery Fails to Preserve Camp and Dunes Orthodox Receive Welby’s Support of Hagia Sophia Assemblies of God Minister Dismissed Poll Reveals Deeply Divided Catholic Church Mennonites Ordain Lesbian Clergy Member Farmer Leaves 10 Million to Catholic Churches


Couple Leading Homeless Ministry Get Married Under Bridge


Arvella Schuller Passes Away


Bill Gothard Revealed as Sexual Predator Virtual Deaf Church Pastor Announces He’s an Atheist Zschech Experiences God’s Love Throughout Cancer Journey Ken Ham Says Robertson Is Neither Scientist Nor a Bible Scholar Pierce Brosnan Relies on His Faith


Anxiety Comes with Smart Phones on the Night Stand PillCam Could Replace Colonoscopy Procedure Google Glass Is Coming to the Airport Smartphones Become Flash Point for Many Couples It’s Not Cool to Impersonate James Dean New Start Up Creates Digital Representation of Individual


What Would Jesus Brew? Youth Pastors Need Texting Policies Church in New Orleans Integrates After Katrina Leaders Need to Prioritize Family


Pastor Uses Nudity as Object Lessons Molson Beer Fridge Can Only be Opened with Canadian Passport


England Has Railway Chaplains Orthodox Church Fails to Draw Regular Attendees in Russia European Union Could Be In Trouble British Bible Society Finds a Nation without Bible Knowledge For Sochi Time As This Order your copy of this week’s Ministry Briefing and download immediately here…