5 Reasons People Aren't Giving Faithfully To Your Church

Casey Graham thinks that there are 5 key reasons people aren’t giving as faithfully or consistently to your church as you want them to:

1. People don’t feel NEEDED

At one time, I remember church funding being ALL about need!  The “weekly need” was published in the bulletin and the goal was to meet the weekly need.  I believe we have swung the pendulum too far away from this.

We don’t want to be “that” church so we try to make our churches look like everything is professional and “done”.  People park the cars in the parking lot, we have nice signs, and have great children’s workers.  We are trained to create a culture where everything feels “done” and people feel welcomed more than needed.

2. People don’t understand

I truly believe if people just had a clear picture of where the church is headed, you could solve most of your funding issues.  People need VISION and CLARITY about the future more than we think they do.  People’s giving rarely increases unless you give them something to stretch for.  We find that when a church has 3-4 objectives they want to accomplish through their operational budget and they highlight them to the congregation and make a SPECIFIC ask, people move their giving!  Ask this question:

3. People feel like the church wants something from them, not for them

I have found that pastors think they are closer to their people than they really are.  You know who I learn the most from when meeting with staff teams?  The spouses.  The spouses that are not on staff give me more insight into the relational credibility of the senior leadership more than the staff team.  Here is the deal; most of the time we stay quiet about money until we need some.  This is why you have to create RELATIONAL EQUITY with your donors each day, week, month and year.

4. People aren’t educated

I have met with over 1,000 people in a 1-on-1 financial coaching environment.  I never met with one person that was tithing.  Most people would say to me, “We can’t tithe.”  About 90 minutes later they would walk out of the meeting knowing they COULD tithe, but they are choosing not to.  In reality they are choosing five magazine subscriptions over giving to God.  That is just reality.

5. People don’t know what is expected

It is so funny that we want to reach all these lost people, but we rarely tell them what the Bible says about giving.  It is 100% expected of us to give to God & be generous.  How are you helping people understand the theology of giving and all the Bible has to say about it?  When people know what is expected, they will often times meet that expectation.

// Read more from Casey here… 5 Reasons People Aren’t Giving Faithfully To Your Church.

What do you think are the main reasons people aren’t giving consistently to YOUR church?



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