4 Mad Skills every church leader needs

According to Pastor Steve Murrell, there are four ‘mad skills’ that every pastor and church leader needs.

How are your MAD SKILLS?

1.  All pastors must develop theological skills:  Systematic theology, New and Old Testament survey, and hermeneutics.

2.  All pastors must develop relational skills:  forgiving people, asking for forgiveness, and encouraging the discouraged.

3.  All pastors must develop leadership skills:  strategic planning, communication, and branding/marketing

4.  All pastors must develop ministry skills:  preaching, making disciples (and, being charismatic, Murrell suggests ‘ministering the baptism in the Holy Spirit’).

OK… that’s a pretty mundane list, Todd.  Of course, all pastors and church leaders should have these MAD SKILLS.

But think about the other pastors and church leaders you know.

How many have honed those four skills?

How many do you know that you’d say… wow… they’re really missing #2; or #3?

There are many pastors I’ve met that have very little relational skill.

Some have really horrible ministry skills.

And some couldn’t lead their way out of a paper bag.

This isn’t a put down to pastors or church leaders.

Not at all.

The reason I bring this up is that these pastors usually don’t have a clue.

They think they’re great at leadership; or that vision and communication is a strongpoint in their ministry.

But everyone around would be quick to tell you otherwise.

How are YOU doing in these four areas?

And who do you have in your life that can give you a good assessment?

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