35 low-risk decisions you can make today…

Tony Morgan lists 35 low-risk changes that churches can make today.

I want to re-title that just a bit to correlate with my last post on making decisions.

Every change starts with a decision… and here are a few of the 35 that Tony and his team came up with that are a good start.

(Granted, some are actually riskier than others… but most of these decisions will show movement on your part, and empower you and your congregation for the future):

  1. Change service times.
  2. Empower a volunteer leader.
  3. Offer resources to help people engage Scripture outside of the Sunday service.
  4. Prioritize cross-cultural “missions” opportunities in the same region where your church is located.
  5. Challenge staff to invest 20% of their time in leadership development.
  6. Limit yourself to one, all-church announcement in every service.
  7. Develop a teaching team rather than relying on just one teacher.
  8. Add pictures or, better yet, video clips to your website to give people a taste of your teaching, worship and children’s ministry.
  9. Provide identical children’s ministry experiences at every weekend service so families aren’t limited in the services they can attend.
  10. Stop something.
  11. Create opportunities for students to serve and lead rather than just consuming experiences.
  12. Plan to spend less than you anticipate receiving from offerings.
  13. Create ways for people to share nuggets of teaching and worship content through social media.
  14. Launch a new weekend service.
  15. Start using online solutions (like Asana) to keep the team on the same page.
  16. Hire someone from the outside (staff or consultant) to bring fresh perspective and a new approach.

Read the other 20 or so here…


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