35 church trends from the past month you need to know about as a church leader

Each month, Ministry Briefing finds that top trends that are happening in the church and ministry world.  In June’s edition, we tackle the top 35 trends we’re seeing.  We think these are trends that you need to know about… some of them will… either directly or indirectly… affect your ministry in the next months and years.

I would encourage you to invest in keeping up with the trends.  Matt Steen and I have done the research and groundwork to help you do that with Ministry Briefing.  Here are the trends we’re watching this month:

  • -Research Into Religion and Depression Called Into Question
  • -Harlem Churches Struggle as Population Dwindles
  • -Religion Proved Vitally Important for WWII Veterans
  • -Christians Are Comfortable Being Identified with Their Faith
  • -Global Faith Forum Builds Bridges with Muslims
  • -Catholic Population Grows in Asia and Africa
  • -Pastors’ Views on Creation Tied to Region
  • -Sociologist Doubts Barna Findings about Millenials Leaving the Church
  • -Christianity Grows in America Through Immigration
  • -Latinos Leave Catholic Church for Protestant Congregations
  • -What Do Protestant Pastors Believe About the Age of the Earth? Barna Group Asks
  • -Online Giving Is Key to Financial Stability
  • -Experts Divide Over Pastors Knowing Giving Records in Church
  • -Prayer Makes Objective Impact on Relationships
  • -Inerrancy Debate at Center of Campbellsville University Faculty Dismissal
  • -Medi-Share Approved as Christian Healthcare Option in Kentucky
  • -Tax Issues for Church-Run Community Centers
  • -How to Present Financial Facts at Church
  • -Stabilize Your Church Through Online Giving
  • -What Is Volunteer’s Time Worth?
  • -Pet Adoption Weekend at Ed Young’s Fellowship Church
  • -Church Confidentiality Agreements Protect Organizations
  • -Barna Study Suggests Evangelicals Are Most Christ-Like
  • -The Importance of an Allergy Plan at Church
  • -Charitable Giving Makes Small Gains in 2012
  • -Couples Married 50-Plus Years Share Their Wisdom
  • -State of the Plate Digs In to Tithing Trends
  • -Nonprofits Must Innovate for the Future
  • -Awareness Doesn’t Help a Nonprofit Succeed
  • -Know Your Audience When Fundraising
  • -Asking Is Part of a Pastor’s Role
  • -LifeWay Study Suggests Gap in Church Relationships
  • -Seminary Costs Are Out of Control
  • -Barna Study Finds That Over Half of Evangelicals Think Islam is Violent Religion
  • -Congregations Face Multicultural Challenges

When you purchase Ministry Briefing’s June edition, you’ll get a one-paragraph synopsis on each of these stories (just the facts); along with a link that will give you the full story (in case you’re interested in digging deeper).

And we have about 10 other categories that we synthesize for you as well.  Take a look at this month’s full table of contents.

We think it will save you a ton of time and energy.

Here’s why Perry Noble thinks you should be reading Ministry Briefing:

endorsements_noblePERRY NOBLE
Senior Pastor – NewSpring Church – Anderson, SC 

I’ve known, loved and respected Todd Rhoades for over seven years now, and his heart to help people has always shown through in everything that he does. Recently he has began something called Ministry Briefing and it is awesome. Each month, Todd and Matt Steen go through thousands of resources to find the top things church leaders need to know and pack it all into a quick read that saves me tons of time but helps keep me focused on what I need to know. It’s going to be a HUGE help to you in your ministry. You need to check it out!

Thanks… I really appreciate your support in this new Ministry Briefing project!


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