32 reasons leaders fail…

Dan Rockwell offers this list of the top 12 reasons that leaders fail.  Take a look at the list.  How many fallen leaders do you know that failed because of something on this list?  Also… do some self-inspection  Are there things on this list that you need to watch out for personally?

  1. Neglecting culture. Culture building is job-one for all leaders.
  2. Lack of paranoia. The paranoid think about what could go wrong and make contingency plans.
  3. Bitterness, grudges, and resentment. People fail. Successful leaders allow fresh starts.
  4. Task rather than people focus.
  5. Accepting complexity.
  6. Lack of political awareness. Successful leaders build relationships with powerful players.
  7. Failure to sell successes and accomplishments with humility. If the right people don’t know your value, you aren’t valuable.
  8. Trusting the untested. Talent without a track record is dangerous.
  9. Fearing great talent.
  10. Postponing tough conversations.
  11. People pleasing.
  12. Refusing to adapt. Adaptability is the greatest ability.

Here are 20 more…



  • marksimpson1953 May 14, 2013 Reply

    Stupid list. Job one is building culture? Job one is building such love of God in my life and such godly character, that people are attracted by His love to follow after Him. Sometimes the stuff you put out there is just totally secular.

    • Stephen Canfield May 14, 2013 Reply

      I understand where you’re coming from Mark but this is still a helpful list. I would say 2, 5, 6, and 7 are why I have seen just about every senior or associate pastor get fired (11 associates and 2 senior pastors). Perhaps a better title would be, “Why Pastors Get Fired.” If you are in a tight spot and want to avoid losing your job, look through this list. If you want to love Jesus more you can read a Francis Chan book.

  • Dr. Glenn A Tabor May 14, 2013 Reply

    I look at this a little differently. I don’t make distinctions between the secular and spiritual. Now that some have been confused, have a good day. lol

  • Will Garcia March 26, 2015 Reply

    Great list Mark. Great reminder for pastors to take a close hard look at themselves in the mirror.

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