30 things you need to read about that happened in the last 30 days

Are you up-to-date with all the latest news and cultural trends that relate to your job as a ministry leader?  June’s Ministry Briefing was just released… and here are the headlines that I really think you should be up on.  This month’s edition gives you the quick synopsis of each story (just one paragraph with just the facts you need to know).  There’s also a link for each story so you can drill down on the details of ONLY the stories that interest you the most.

  • Moving Sale at the Crystal Cathedral
  • Thousands Raised for Family of Pastor Imprisoned in Iran
  • Missouri Funeral Law Against Westboro Baptist Upheld
  • Popular Richmond Pastor Accused of Sexual Misconduct
  • Sikh Congressional Caucus Addresses Discrimination
  • Immigration Bill Leaves Out Same Sex Couples
  • Blogger Sued for Defamation by Canadian Bishop
  • Alarms Over Non-Issues Distract Evangelicals
  • Unemployment Continues to Drop Since 2009
  • Toronto Pastors Cheat Their Members of 9 Million
  • Millenials Reshape Housing Market
  • California and Texas Lead Job Growth Rebound in Metro Areas
  • Imam Does Not Want to Bury Tsarnaev
  • Biden Urges Faith Leaders to Lobby for Background Checks
  • Gosnell Found Guilty of 3 Murder Charges
  • Washington National Cathedral Wins Funds for Repairs
  • Is the End Near for Camping’s Family Radio Network?
  • LDS Donate 1 Million Pounds of Food
  • Willow Creek Children’s Ministry Volunteer Accused of Sexual Abuse
  • Mark DeMoss Calls for Death of Gosnell
  • Pastor Sentenced to 12 Years After Sex with Minor
  • 32 Million People Displaced Due to Extreme Weather in 2012
  • New York State Allows Churches to Meet in Public Schools
  • Journey Church in Oklahoma Involved in Tornado Relief Efforts
  • Westboro’s Website Turned Into Donation Page by Hacker
  • Dearborn Reaches Settlement After Arresting Evangelists
  • New York Expects Increase in Births Thanks to Hurricane Sandy
  • Could the Red Cross Have Done More to Help Victims of Sandy?
  • Former Mistress of Petraeus Returns to Faith
  • Wycliffe Turns to WEA to Resolve Bible Translation Debate

In fact, this month’s edition of Ministry Briefing features over 200 stories that I think you should have in your head.  It’s what I hope will soon become the definitive resource for pastors and church leaders to read each month.

In fact, Craig Groeschel recently had some kind words to say about Ministry Briefing:

As a ministry leader, timely news and targeted information is incredibly important to me to plan for the future and respond quickly to opportunities in the present. But like most leaders, I don’t have a lot of extra time to dig for all of the information I need. That’s why I’m so thankful for Todd and Matt’s Ministry Briefing. Each month, they compile the latest church and ministry news, culture trends and best practices for leaders all in one well-organized place. This briefing can save you hours of sorting through hundreds of blogs, websites and magazines. I know it does for me!

I hope you’ll give Ministry Briefing a try this month.  You can purchase and download (for as little as $8/month) right here.  You’ll have your copy instantly in PDF (for your computer) or ePub or MOBI format for your Kindle, Nook, Smartphone or Tablet!

My guess is that you like this blog, you’ll LOVE Ministry Briefing.

(And you’ll help, in a small way) send my kids to college this fall.  🙂

Download June’s edition now!



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