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Recently Dave Miller over at SBC Voices did a little test.  See if you can tell who these tweets are from.  The answers are below. 1) God invites us to to come as we are, not to stay as we are. 2) God doesn’t judge the way we judge. He doesn’t look on the outside. He looks at the heart. 3) We do not follow Jesus because it is easy but rather because he is worthy. 4) God knows what He is doing. Quit fighting against what doesn’t go your way. 5) The attributes of God we see in Scripture are embodied in the person and work of Jesus Christ. 6) Jesus valued the lost over the social needs of the “found.” 7) Grace creates people who are committed to bless the world through their work. 8)  Remember, people need a word from God more than they need a word from you. Give ‘em Jesus. 9) You won’t get in trouble for doing good deeds. You will get it trouble if you use these experiences as opportunities to talk about Jesus. 10) God knows what He is doing. He is getting you prepared. Your destiny is bigger than you think. Read 10 more fun tweets here. OK… Scroll down for the answers…                                       1.  Keller 2.  Osteen 3.  Driscoll 4.  Osteen 5.  Stetzer 6. Stetzer 7. Keller 8.  Stetzer 9.  Driscoll 10.  Osteen

From Saddleback: The outpouring of love for Rick and the Warren family from all of you pastors and leaders has been incredible. It means more to Pastor Rick personally than you will ever know. Every day we receive new notes of encouragement, and your love is felt. This past Sunday the 28th, Rick and Kay spoke of the past 16 weeks and their experience through Matthews passing in a sermon called How We’re Getting Through, and we hope there are lessons in this sermon that can be shared in your own church. Please download the transcript, mp3, and sermon outline for free here. (click on ‘parts’ tab) You can also watch a video of this sermon here. DOWNLOAD VIA SADDLEBACK RESOURCES Pastor Rick is officially back and will be preaching the new 6-part series How To Get Through What You’re Going Through that will use Biblical characters as examples on how to get through life’s difficult times. 1. Part 1 – Shock: When Your World Collapses (Aug 4th) 2. Part 2 – Sorrow: When Your Heart Is Breaking (Aug 11th) 3. Part 3 – Struggle: When You Don’t Understand (Aug 18th) 4. Part 4 – Surrender: How To Experience Peace (Aug 25th) 5. Part 5 – Sanctification: How God Turns Bad To Good (Sep 1st) 6. Part 6 – Service: How To Use Your Pain For Good (Sep 8th) Thank you again to all you who have supported and prayed for Pastor Rick and the Warren family. Thought you’d like to know… Todd

Have you ever met a power hungry pastor or church leader? I have. It’s not pretty. Joseph Mattera recently wrote a piece entitled “Anthony Weiner and 12 Signs of Power-Hungry Leaders.  For our purposes here, I’ve changed the word ‘leaders’ to ‘pastors’: 1. They only relate to other “power” people 2. They are constantly dropping names and speaking about their accomplishments 3. They are in competition with other peer leaders 4. They are all things to all people 5. They are driven by selfish ambition instead of by love for people 6. They love the praises of men 7. They often compromise their ethical values 8. They have few boundaries to maintain personal and family health 9. They are only loyal to themselves 10. They head up organizations for stature rather than service 11. They exaggerate their value 12. They have a superficial inner life Read more here… What do YOU think? Have you ever watched a power-hungry pastor from afar?  Are these the attributes you saw in them? Have you caught yourself over the years with any of these attributes?  How did you correct them? Todd

Mark Brooks from The Charis Group writes about how the shift from writing checks to electronic payments will eventually impact your church in a great way:

As your congregation gets younger by attrition, you’ll see check-writing become more infrequently used. If we don’t change our process for collecting the offering, we’ll see our offerings decline!

The reason is simple: The harder we make it for people to give, the less likely they are to do so. If our only means of collection remains the traditional offering plate, people will put in the few dollars they have on their person. The percentage of what you collect will decline, if it hasn’t already.

The Bible teaches us that we must give; it doesn’t say how. The offering plate came into wide acceptance in the U.S. only in the late 1800s to early 1900s. It’s not the 11th commandment that gifts be put in a basket or plate.

The offering plate is a tool. It will remain, for some time, an effective tool for collecting gifts. However, if it’s your only tool, and the demise of paper checks continues, then you’re in trouble.

Smart churches provide multiple ways for people to give, thus increasing their ability to receive funds. Since check-writing is in decline, isn’t it time you offered online giving?

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According to Thom Rainer: 1. Conflict and complaining church members. 2. Family challenges. 3. Busy work. 4. Members whose priorities are their own comfort and preferences. 5. Expectations to be present at all church functions and many social functions. 6. Non-productive meetings. 7. Expectation to be on call 24/7. 8. Confronting people who are sinning. 9. Problems with staff members. 10. Members who aren’t passionate about evangelism/reaching the community. Read more here. What do YOU hate most about your job as a church staff member? Todd