20 reasons why your church may not be growing

I agree with Dr. James Emery White:  God wants churches to grow.  And healthy churches really should be growing churches.

Dr. White offers 20 reasons why your church may not be growing.  Here are a few of them.  Follow the link at the end to see the full list!

You aren’t praying for growth.

Your lead communicator does not have the spiritual gift of communication.

You are not attempting to connect with the next generation.

Your church structure stifles leadership, innovation and front-line decision-making.

You are methodologically, stylistically and strategically out of date.

You have unresolved divisions, tensions and discord within the staff and/or congregation.

Your location is counter-productive.

Read more here.

So… what is the main reason you think your church (or other churches) are not growing?



  • Cliff August 7, 2013 Reply

    I think this is a fine list, and covers many of the real problems churches must address in order to be faithful to Christ’s calling. However, I question the premise that “healthy churches really should be growing churches.” This leaves no place for rural churches that are serving in dying communities of diminishing population. Yet, these small towns need the Gospel message faithfully preached because there are lost people still living there. But you simply are not going to see numerical growth over time in these places. If everyone interpreted this as “your location is counter-productive,” and shut down to go to higher population centers, rural America would never hear the Gospel. Full disclosure…I pastor a church in rural Kansas. I know of many faithful churches that are not growing numerically because overall population is declining.

  • jeff ruble August 7, 2013 Reply

    I like the list. I believe that churches should heed 1st Peter 4:17. Then if churches would turn to God and let Him lead instead. of “TRADITION”. Then God could do a lot more.

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