Help for Happily Ever After

Happily ever after, right? I’d say those of us who have been married for a length of time can safely say that the fairy-tale ending is not realistic.We all bring issues into marriage that can create conflict and brokenness. But what about those couples in crisis? With a 50-50 chance of survival, couples in crisis often either seek help or call it quits. Thankfully, there is an organization whose mission is come alongside couples and help to Biblically strengthen and work to save marriages. Marriage Helper is a team of committed Christians who work with couples in the midst of marital crises. Two out of three couples who come to them have been or are in an affair, and most of the couples are on the brink of divorce. By the grace of God, 77% of the couples they work with are still together 7 years later. Founded by Joe Beam, an internationally-recognized speaker, author, and marriage expert, Marriage Helper serves couples in crisis through two mediums. They offer a three day intensive 911 Workshop and a Save My Marriage Online Course, designed for a single spouse whose partner is seeking divorce. They also offer seminars for churches and marriage crisis training for new pastors. Marriage Helper provides tools to couples in the form of information, but does not pressure anyone in their decision making. Their material is developed from scientific research that is consistent with Biblical teaching. They often point out the overlap between research and the teachings of Scripture. The process is designed to create space for the work of the Holy Spirit and to rekindle the desire of each person to live in accordance with his or her beliefs and values. Visit their website marriagehelper.com to find out more.