12 ways you can create a culture of generosity in your church in 2013

Want to know how you as a leader can help your church be much more generous during 2013?  Brian Dodd has some suggestions:

Churches Should Tell The Compelling Stories Of Need Within Their Community

Donors are now desiring to give directly to real people with real stories rather than anonymously through charities.

Unite Your People Around One Cause At A Time

Church leaders need to make the stories of need targeted and specific.  HopeMob.org only features one story at a time.  This prevents your generous community from being fragmented.

Develop Systems

Learn to leverage impulse generosity.  When a need arises, be prepared to immediately address it.  Have systems in place where you can quickly address needs.

Social Media Is Here To Stay So Leverage It

Social media has exponentially raised the awareness of issues and real human stories of those in need.  Generous communities have learned to leverage this.

Make Giving Easy

Social media and electronic giving makes generosity easy.

Expand Your Circle Of Influence

Social media expands the circle of those who have the ability and resources to provide solutions.  The entire world now has the ability and access to participate in funding your cause.

// Read 6 more ways here: 12 Ways Pastors And Church Leaders Can Create A Generosity Mob In Their Church

What have you done in YOUR church to foster generosity?

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